Saturday, April 30, 2011

no we haven't!

 You thought I was done showing beach photos, but I'm not. I was just giving you a little beach free vacation. It's over now.
Can you see all this seaweed? It was all along every beach we went! My guy thought if he drove far enough, maybe he could find a seaweed free spot. No such luck.

He pulled over to let the National Park ranger who was following us, pass. Instead the ranger decided to get out of his vehicle.

  Ranger Rick, (I don't think that was his name, but I'm calling him that anyway),
"What's going on here?"
My guy asks, "Is there a beach around, without all this seaweed?" 

Rick Ranger: "An ocean without seaweed? You're eyes are red. Why are your eyes red? Have you been taking or smoking anything?"

My guy: "It's probably allergies, or the wind, or maybe the salty ocean."

My seat is reclined. I start laughing at the ranger's preposterous assumption.

I say: "No sir, we haven't smoked anything. We've been here before, but that was in June and July. We've never seen all this seaweed!"

 "Yeah, the seaweed has been bad here, the last couple weeks, okay the past month or so."

My guy:  "We'll just go back to the hotel beach."

Ranger Rick: "The hotel should have the seaweed cleared."

 Me: "Well they haven't."  


 Ranger points at me, "Have YOU had anything to drink today?"

I answer,  "Just water."

I hold up my bottle & shake it, (you wanna sniff & taste it? I imply without words).


 He says to me, "Let me see your eyes. Are they red?"

I pull down my sunglasses.

Rick Ranger: "Well YOUR
 eyes aren't red."

 Me: "I haven't been in the water. I've only stayed on the sandy, (seaweed-y) beach." 

"You sure you haven't drank or smoked anything?" 

Me: "Yes. No, we haven't!"

"Do you have that Jeep that's parked up the road?"

Me: "No, this is all we've got! Bye."

"Stay safe."

WTF? He and his partner were both wearing sunglasses! I should've asked to look at their eyes. Maybe they were the ones drinking and smoking. Sounded a little paranoid too, just saying. Remember the first time we got pulled over here? I asked the cop why he was pulling us over, when we were only going 5 miles over the speed limit? He only gave us a warning. But, I'm not a sassy pants or anything.

just the facts HA!

I got this award from my friend Sarah.
Now I have to give 7 random facts about myself. 

If you already know these things, or have heard them all before. Just pretend to be surprised.


Fact 1)
 One of my favorite gifts, was a story written by my brother. 

It was titled Brother and SisterHe gave it to me the day before we moved to Texas.

Here is a photo of us on stage. We're at some amusement park in California. 

Fact 2) W
hen I was little, I liked doing the dishes. 

My mom sewed the dress I'm wearing, in the photo above.

Fact 3) I've never broken a bone in my body.
cartoon source

.I don't ever intend to break any bones either. Hope I'm not jinxing it, (crossing fingers).

Fact 4) My second softball coach taught me to bat left-handed.
picture source
I can bat both ways, but I feel more comfortable batting left-handed. 

I so wish I could find my softball photos. They'd be good for a laugh. But they are lost, just like my mind.

Fact 5 )Unfortunately, I've been on TV.
photo source
It was a local TV station commercial. It was like a million years ago. I didn't speak, (thank goodness). They just showed some images of me playing with children at work.

Fact 6) I can sing or say my ABC's backwards.
picture source
When I was in kindergarten, my teacher would have us sing the ABC song, while she pointed to the letters. Sometimes she would have us go backwards. I still remember.

Fact 7) I can read upside down.

comic source
It's from all those years working with little ones. I'd have to hold up the book, to show them the pictures.

comic source

It's not just with children's books either. I can turn a novel upside down and read pages. I can't do it for more than 30-45 minutes, or I get a dizzy headache.

book cover source

I pretty much love every blog I read! If I didn't, I wouldn't spend my time reading them. Instead of me passing the award to anyone specific, feel free to play along if you wish. You can give us 7 facts about yourself in the comments section, or post a link to your blog. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

All Night Long

The other day my mom calls and asks me who sings the song "All Night Long."
 I said, "Lionel Richie." Then I quote her the lyrics.
     She tells me, "NO,no,no! I don't think that's the song I mean." 
     I said, "Go ahead, ask this person & that person. I know I'm right."
                           photo source
All Night Long video

Five minutes later she calls me again.
 I answer,"Did you question the master?"
She says, "It isn't that song by Lionel Richie. Maybe it's by Bad Company or Foreigner?"

"Mom, how does the song go?"
" I don't wanna sing in front of everybody. Now, I'm all embarrassed, well, okay.'All Night Long' something in the parking lot."

photo source 

You Shook Me All Night Long video

"Let me look up lyrics on the computer, give me a minute. Do you mean, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC? That's that same kind of classic rock genre."
"Does it say something about the parking lot?" 
"I don't think so."
Then she says ,"The song goes, "All Right Now." 

photo source

"All  Right Now?!! That's Free! All Right Now is NOT the same as All Night Long! I didn't have to get on the computer to tell you that, I'm sure."
"Who did you say it was?"
"Free! F- R- E -E. Ma, let me play the video. Is that it?"
"I can't hear it."
"Can you hear it now?"
"Yes. Yep, that's the song!"
      "But Mom, parking lot and parking gate are NOT the same thing either. Geez! Love you, bye."

All Right Now lyrics

Whoa whoa whoa
there she stood in the street, smiling from her head to her feet.
I said hey what is this now baby maybe maybe shes in need of a kiss.
i said a hey whats ur name baby. maybe we can see things the same.
now dont you worry or hesitate lets move before they raise the parking gate

All right now, baby its a all right now
all right now, baby its a all right now.

Let me tell you all about it now
i took her home to my place
watching every move on her face
she said look whats your name baby are you trying to put me in shame
i said sloow dont go so fast
dont you think our love could last.
she said love, lord above, now you try to trick me in love
all right now
baby its a all right
all right now
baby baby baby its all right
all right now
its all right its all right its all right
yeah, were so happy together
its all right its all right its all right
everythings all right

Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter in the olden days

 This is what I did for Sarah's grow project 4
 "craft a memory from your youth." 

Easter just passed. My family jokes about how I remember being in the womb. I don't. But, I do remember playing with this blow up, (that sounds dirty), plastic, huge, girly rabbit. How else would I know it was a rabbit? It's the only photo from that time.You can't see the ears in the photo. How else would I know the girly rabbit is holding a white Easter egg, decorated with blue or green designs?

 No one wrote on the back of the photo either. All it had was a stamp, from the photo lab. The stamp said it was developed in June. My mom wasn't in a big hurry about things like that. I don't think that rabbit lasted long. I'm sure I sat on it, or hit someone with it. Then it was bye-bye rabbit. What I don't know is where it came from, nor who gave it to me?

everybody's fine

I absolutely love this movie!
Mom do you hear me? It's worth watching.

Everybody's Fine movie trailer

directed by Kirk Jones.
 I like the song too.
Mom, I know you love Paul McCartney.
 I think you'll like this song.

 (I Want To) Come Home video
 photo source
photo source
Kate Beckinsale
photo source
photo source
photo source
Robert Deniro is some kind of master actor genius.
photo source
Drew Barrymore
You know I cried because I'm a big bawl baby.
photo source
photo source

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hand-painted accessories

Yesterday I was looking at Sea of Shoes. One of the shoes she showed, reminded me of hand-painted accessories.

My purse I hand-painted about 4 years ago, that many of you have seen, a million times before. 

My shoes I hand-painted a few weeks ago.
I don't think they're done yet, but I'm still wearing them.
I only painted the soles. The graphics came on the shoes when I bought them.
Anuschaka Hand-Painted
photo source
by Alisa Burke
photo source
photo source
by Alisa Burke

Sea of Shoes inspiration

by Alisa Burke

by Alisa Burke

Doesn't it make you just want to go to the thrift store, and buy some accessories to paint?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one cafe, one shop

   We were there two years  before, but this time, I took some little photo details.

Right next door to Hester's is a shop called Bleu Frog.
 They have the cutest displays of collections, and things.

There was a lady walking through the store wearing a dress made out of gorgeous fabric. I spoke that her dress was beautiful, like a work of art. To me, it looked like a painting.