Sunday, April 10, 2011

BOH concert

 Here is local band Midlake opening for Band of Horses.

Here's Band of Horses.

I predicted when they'd play Great Salt Lake. However, I'm not sure that backdrop is the  the Salt Lake I know.

Of course I cried. Those lyrics get me every time. 

I thought okay I can die now, except I haven't seen Jimmy Eat World  live yet.

I guess that means I have to keep living, or something.

Plus I still need to get my new acoustic & electric guitar.

And we've got plans to go to the ocean, in a few weeks.

I'm also going home in June. So, there's that too.

 I need to finish painting my guitar table, and work on my art assignment (s).

 I cried again when they played this song. I once knew it on guitar . I learned it months before my friend died of cancer.

While everyone else was partying at a concert, tears were streaming silently down my face.

That's cause I know how it live it up like that.

I wanted them to play this song, but they didn't.

They played this songthis song, & this song, though.

Now the mountains in this backdrop look familiar, but the band's playing a different song.


  1. Ooh nice pics, one of my good friends is slightly obsessed with BOH! xo

  2. I adore listening to local bands. I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing... :(


    That looks like one hell of a show, what an experience. ♥

    P.S. If it is indeed your Pocahontas CD I bought - thanks, cause I'm in love, HA. :)

  4. envy envy envy. they're amazing. and i have yet to see them live.


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