Tuesday, September 24, 2013

music and han solo

My outfit was influenced by yesterday's 

inspiration monday
That's when the ladies Megan and Nora of
Two Birds Boutique 
chose an outfit to inspire an outfit.

I look frozen, and I don't mean cold. 
I mean like Han Solo on the planet Mercury.
Here's my version of the look.
To see how others were inspired
go to:

inspiration monday: secondhand outfit notes.

Yesterday's inspiration was:
Olivia Wilde 
(she looks like she want to kick someone's behind).

My t-shirt: Forever 21 (nearly 3 yrs. ago)
It says:
 I Love My Music.

My fringe booties: LuLu's.com (over a year ago).

My jeans: ? (some store in mall nearly 3 yrs. ago)
The last album I listened to was
New Morning by Alpha Rev (a band from Austin, Texas).

My nephew Speed Racer likes to sing
Down By the Station.
He LOVES trains!

We don't know what songs my nephew JJ likes.
They tell us he says words,
 but he won't say a thing, for me and my guy.  :p

My twin nieces Lil Bug and EJ like to sing: 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The last song my guy worked out to was Wave of Tomorrow by The Crash Kings.
I don't have a photo of him doing that, but last weekend he was building us a new fence for our backyard. 
We saw The Crash Kings in concert on this post in 2009.

My art journal page was from sometime,
 this past Spring.
 I titled it:
The Woes of Chronic Bad Hair...

The last song I played on my guitar was
Let Go by Cheap Trick.

Frozen Han Solo NBC News article.
 (that was only 4 days ago).

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yellow + Blue = Green

My outfit was based on 
this style imitating art challenge.
That's when Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey
chooses a work of art to inspire an outfit.
Here's my version of the look.
To see how others imitated the art
go to:
SIA: Women of Substance.

Today's inspiration is:
Woman of Substance by Octavio Ocampo

My blouses: thrifted
My shoes: LuLu's.com (last year)

Ariunaa Suri Fall 2013 RTW

Anna Sui Fall 2013 RTW

Anna Sui Fall 2013 RTW

My guy's photos of flowers.
The photo on right was in the Spring,
when he bought me the daffodil.

My nephew Speed Racer

My niece EJ, my nephew JJ, and my niece Lil Bug

My art journal page from July 3, 2013
I've been feeling the color green lately.
On Sunday I got some ankle moss green boots
made of suede at the thrift store for $1.00.
In image I painted green nail polish, eyeliner, and shadow stick. I'm thinking I might wear my green eye make-up tomorrow.
I've been painting with green paint and ink too...

Monday, September 2, 2013

around here, recently

 Today's inspiration monday!
That's when the ladies Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique
chose an outfit to inspire an outfit.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others were inspired
go to:
inspiration monday: short and sweet.

Today's inspiration is:
Kristin Cavallari

My sleeveless top was thrifted.

My pants were thrifted.

I watched the excellent movie
Soul Surfer featuring AnnaSophia RobbIt's based on the book and true story of Bethany Hamilton.

My guy trimmed our front bushes, and fixed the screw in our front door.
So far he's been to Home Depot three times this weekend.
He doesn't think he done yet, either.

I finished reading Learning to Live Outloud by Piper Laurie.

...I haven't realize dear Uncle Shmule's expectations for me of a perfect and blessed life, but I've been useful. And I've had a lot of fun, more than you ever allowed yourself.
And Mother... do you know that long ago...
 I stopped being that frightened child you saw gazing through the train window, yearning only to be part of the speaking world?
I suspect you do...

from Learning to Live Outloud by Piper Laurie

My nephew JJ with is grandpa

My twin nieces EJ and Lil Bug

My nephew Speed Racer on his tricycle.
Notice my brother's basketball on the cooler behind him. 

My art journal page from June 3, 2013
I wonder...

If I'll ever go out for doughnuts again.
Since most of them are made with eggs.

Today my guy surprised me with these.
It had probably been about 2 years since I last ate a doughnut.