Thursday, November 29, 2012

of patterns and question 8

In this post, I'll answer question 8 from when
Maikeni blogi-part of me nominated me for this sunshine award.
Left brown boot and top right: Yarn Inset Boots
Right bottom black boot: Slouchy Southwest Boot

VIII. What group(s)  and/or singer(s) do you like?
1. The Beatles
2. Goo Goo Dolls August 2010 Goo Dolls concert post
3. Jimmy Eat World
Right: Refashioned Sweater Wrap
Left: Huggable Stretchy Fingerless Gloves

Just Cavalli Fall 2012 RTW
4. Chevelle August 2009 Chevelle concert post
5. Band of Horses April 2011 BOH concert blog post

Amsterdam tights
6. The Replacements
7. Led Zeppelin

8. Crowded House

My nephew Speed Racer with my mom

My nieces Lil bug, EJ, and Baby JJ

9. Nada Surf November 2008 Nada Surf concert 10. Augustana this list was made on June 25, 2012

As of today, November 22, 2012 my 10 fave
band iGrace Potter and Nocturnals February 2011 GPN concert 
That means Augustana has moved to 11.

my art journal page from June 25, 2012
inspired by In The Sun 2012 class by Natalie Malik

Little me wearing a patterned winter outfit.
(Yes, I know the photo is  a tad damaged).   ;)

All the images featured patterns.
Was it obvious?

Monday, November 26, 2012

sunshine answers 3, 5, and 7

It's Inspiration Monday!

Nora and Megan of 
Two Birds Boutique chose an outfit to inspire a personal look.

Here's my version of the outfit.
To see how others used the inspiration go to 
holiday card, take two.

Today's outfit inspiration is:
Mary-Kate Olsen

The blue oversized shirt belongs to my husband,
(it was his idea, to use one of his shirts).
I like that I can see him reflected in the windows.

Details of my necklaces:

* brown rock necklace (the rock was a gift my great grandma, from childhood)

* teddy bear necklace (I have no idea where it's from)

* round necklace with Johnny Rzeznik's hologram image,
 (given to me from my best friend,  several years ago)

My mom made the purple bracelet.
My cousin made the silver triangle bracelet.

The rest of the bracelets I've collected over the years.

Weeks ago, my blog friend Maiken 
from Maikeni blogi-part of me nominated me for this sunshine award.  I will answer questions 3,5, and 7.

III. How many blogs do you read regularly?

Honestly I don't know.
I do read quite a lot. I follow over 50 maybe 100 blogs? I'm too lazy to count them.

Eye shadow was a birthday present,
from my friend Em.
Eyeliner was a birthday present I bought myself.

 V. Name the last piece of clothing/accessory you bought.

These pointy toed black thrifted ankle boots
were the last accessory I purchased.

This brown sequined purse was thrifted too,
but I bought it  months ago.

VII.  What is your favourite holiday?

When I was little they had a Halloween carnival,
at the school. 
I won a cake in the cake walk.
My favorite Halloween book in childhood was The Candy Witch.
I got it from my first grade teacher.
 I had a book called The Teeny Tiny Woman, it used to scare me. When I grew up I would tell the children I worked with,
this version of the story. 

This past week I've been playing
Stars and Big White Gate
 by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals,
on my guitar.

The last photo wasn't answer to any question.
I just felt like including it in this post, because I'm weird like that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

orange crushing

from She may be the Song Summer Sings

gave me the 
Liebster Award 2nd Rround.

Below are her questions 7-11 and my answers.

Me in autumn of 2006

What is your favourite take-out place?

Lately it's been  
Jet's Pizza.

 I also like 
Subway, which was where I worked

when I first turned 16.

My orange vest is thrifted.

8.    If you had the chance to change

name would you? And what would

you change it to?

Not anymore, because it's part of my

When I was younger, I would have.

 I never could decide on what name I liked best.

Me in autumn of 2006

What is the wallpaper on your cell-phone/computer?

The wallpaper on  my cell-phone is my nephew
Speed Racer.

The wallpaper on my computer is a photo collage of my husband stretching and running on the beach.

my art journal page written in September 2012

Today, when I told my guy my favorite part of his body was his brain.

I said, "What would happen if you got brain damage?
Then you wouldn't be the same.

What would I do?"

He said,
"Then you'd find a new part to be your favorite."

Yes, I would.

Left: Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 RTW
Right: Altuzarra Fall 2012 RTW

Who or what inspires you?

Art, music, words, fashion, childhood, wonder, nature,

 and the 1960's inspire me

Anna Sui Fall 2012 RTW

My twin nieces Lil Bug, and EJ
My nephew Baby JJ 

My nephew Speed Racer

11. If your house was on fire and you had a

chance to grab only five things before

they would be…

1,  my laptop (it has all my music & photos)

2.  a mama remembers (a book my mom wrote in for me)

3.  the story my brother wrote me, before we moved

4.  whatever purse contains my wallet (driver's
license, credit cards, etc.)

5.  my baby scrapbook with my mom's handwriting,
 baby shower cards, and wrapping paper in it.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

whoa timekeeper

It's Inspiration Monday!

Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique chose an outfit to inspire a personal look.

Here's my version of the outfit.
To see how others used the inspiration go to 
 happy birthday, nora bird!

Today's outfit inspiration is:

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Apparently she grew up in Grapevine, Texas,
which is about 30 minutes from where I live.

(As if you give a rat's...)

Time Keeper
I can't believe how long it's been

My shirt and coat were thrifted.

Time Keeper
I wish I could start over again

I'm too young
To be feeling this way
Yeah I'm wasted as I lie awake
There goes another day

Whoa, Time keeper

Please won't you slow it down tonight

My art Journal page from October 18, 2012 inspired by
Fall In Love 
from Classes Kara Made
Autumn Flavors of my past: 
* homemade pumpkin curry soup
* pumpkin ice cream
* homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
* pumpkin pie
* fresh apples
* sweet potato quesadillas
* spaghetti squash
* chili
* popcorn
* bean hominy casserole

All these things I can no longer eat.
I'm either allergic or they make me sick.

And time continues to pass...

Time keeper

The day days are tolling by
Photo of when we saw
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in my February 2011 
GPN Concert blog post.

Time keeper
Tell me I'm gonna be, alright
Time Keeper
I thought I'd have it right by now

More photos from when we saw
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

in February 2011 GPN Concert blog post.

Time Keeper
Everything's still spinning out
I'm undone

Breaking out of the cage
But before the beast can get away

There goes another day...

So choke the dawn and d@#n the daylight

Time is just an invisible line
Time Keeper
I'm hoping you hear me, tonight...

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals newest album
The Lion The Beast The Beat

Yes, the whole album is good.  :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

closer to fine

"I'm trying to tell you somethin' about my life

Maybe give me insight between black and white

Anna Sui Fall 2012 RTW

And the best thing you've ever done for me
Is to help me take my life less seriously
It's only life after all, yea

My nephew Speed Racer at the pumpkin patch

Well darkness has a hunger that's insatiable

And lightness has a call that's hard to hear
Left: Vivienne Tam Fall 2012 RTW
Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2012 RTW

And I wrap my fear around me like a blanket

I sailed my ship of safety till I sank it

I'm crawling on your shores

Me in front of my house in October 2009

I went to the doctor,
I went to the mountains

I looked to the children,
I drank from the fountains

More photos of me in October 2009

There's more than one answer to these questions

Pointing me in a crooked line

Details of my boots and tights from October 2009

The less I seek my source for some definitive

The closer I am to fine...
Left: Aquilano.Rimondi Fall 2012 RTW
Right: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2012 RTW

And I went to see the doctor of philosophy

With a poster of Rasputin 
and a beard down to his knee

My twin nieces playing in the autumn leaves.

He never did marry or see a B grade movie

He graded my performance,

he said he could see through me

My nephew Baby JJ napping with his dad.

I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind

Got my paper and I was free...

My art journal pages September 11, 2012

Inspired by these pages by artist Donna Downey
It says:

...Jo had learned that hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally...

from book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Closer To Fine 
by Indigo Girls

I stopped by the bar at three a.m.To seek solace in a bottle or possibly a friendAnd I woke up with a headache like my head against the boardTwice as cloudy as I'd been the night beforeAnd I went in seeking clarity...

And we go to the doctor, we go to the mountainsWe look to the children, we drink from the fountainsYea we go to the bible, we go through the workoutWe read up on revival, we stand up for the lookout
There's more than one answer to these questions
Pointing me in a crooked line"...
 Closer To Fine by Indigo Girls

Monday, November 12, 2012

liebster 2 questions 1-6

from She may be the Song Summer Sings

gave me the 
Liebster Award 2nd Round.

Below are her questions and my answers.

My friend made the colorful bracelet.
My mom gave me the brown necklace,

(I don't know if she made it).

If you woke up as the opposite sex,
 what’s the first thing you would do?

Scream, go wtf? try and figure out my new body,

 pinch myself, then 
look in the mirror, to see if I

was dreaming, then probably scream some more.

My shirt was thrifted.

What is your best friend's Mum's name? 
Which best friend?  I have several.

I don't want to list them for privacy reasons.

My shoes were thrifted.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

always chocolate, hardly ever vanilla

My pants were thrifted.

What’s your favourite movie of all time?

Anne of Green Gables

5.    If you could be a character in any novel you’ve ever read, who would you be and why?

This is a tough question, because I want to be
several book characters combined into one person.

 I woul
d want the fearlessness, creativity,
 great writing, and compassion of Stargirl. 

The ability to play any song I hear on guitar, and write music like 
Pamela Jean Cochran (a.k.a. Star) in the book Pepperland

I admire the ability to put outfits together, sew, look like, have the artistry, and the tolerance through love, of  the character 
Weetzie Bat  in the Dangerous Angels  book series.

My art journal pages from August 27, 2012
inspired by the artist Katie Licht,
 and her art journal page Sunny Saturday.

It says: for some corn screamed summer, but not for her she liked zucchini, strawberries, avocados, peaches, cherries, and spinach.

6. Would you rather be beautiful or rich?

I don't know. 
With both beauty and wealth,

 I would think never knowing if people were

genuine would be a concern. How would you

know if they were simply using you for your 

money, or your good looks? 

How would you know if 
they liked you for
your true self, and soul?  

If you're rich can't you 
buy beauty? 

You have more advantages and  opportunities.

If you're 
beautiful, you can also get advantages,

free things, and special treatment.