Monday, July 30, 2012

black and white boy

 It's a song . There aren't any boy images in this post.
Libertine Spring RTW 2012

Black and white boy
Black and white boy
ADAM Spring RTW 2012

You're so extreme

You're so confused
Libertine Spring RTW 2012

Color me in whatever mood I'm in

I could be still in touch with you

L.A.M.B. Spring RTW 2012

And you're full of the wonder of spring
It's all sweetness and lightness you bring

Alice + Olivia Spring RTW 2012

And a room full of people fall to your infinite charm

But when darkness should quickly descend
L.A.M.B. Spring RTW 2012

You go quietly, my miserable friend

To the depths of despair you will crawl

That's me rollerblading in 2006.

When you shake off the shadows of night

And your eyes are so clear and so bright

I got a new to me, used guitar.  :) The guitar on the left is my old electric guitar. I am keeping it.
The guitar on the right is my new 
Fender Stratoacoustic.
I know they look near identical, but they are different.
I didn't intend to buy another black guitar.
That's just the one I found.  
I can play my new guitar with or without an amp.
My old blue acoustic guitar was smashing my breasts and digging into my ribs because I'm a short girl, 
and so this guitar is a smaller size and fits my body better.

My art journal pages

You'll make fools of the liars and creeps

Put a rose in my cheeks...

art journal page left side

But when demons have climbed on your back

You are vicious and quick to attack
Art journal page right side

And you put on a wonderful show

Do you really, really think I don't know?
Black and white boy  
BLACK AND WHITE BOY by Crowded House
Black And White Boy by Crowded House on Grooveshark

Friday, July 27, 2012

light aqua

Kind of like the sky,
kind of like swimming pool water

Flutter Floral Lace Dress
Color Block Tunic
Beaded Moccasins
Turquoise and Fringe Purse
Aqua Crystal Earrings

Some Years I've Worn Light Aqua

Top left:  nephew Baby Speed Racer 2010
Top right: I'm with my friend Ra   2009 
Bottom left: Ra's little one 2007
Bottom middle: one of my twin nieces 2010
Bottom right: Ra made my earrings and bracelets

Some little ones and aqua
My nephew Speed Racer 2012
My twin nieces EJ and Lil bug  2012
My nephew Baby JJ  2012
A brother and sister, (complete strangers),
at an outdoor concert 2012

My art journal page from April 20, 2012 
I was wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt,
blue pants,
silver glitter nail polish,
and my hair in a bun. 
I was NOT wearing the dream Spring outfit I drew. 

On April 14, 2012

 I felt tired.
I was watching Touch on TV.
For dinner, that day, I ate homemade
 broccoli cheddar soup.
I listened to the All At Once album
 by Airbourne Toxic Event.

On April 14,  I was learning Missunderstood
by Earshot. We saw them in concert here.

The other song I was learning on guitar, in April, was Wherever I Stand by Taproot.

This video is their acoustic version.
I learned their regular rock version,
but I didn't like any of the videos for it.
I have never seen them in concert.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

one midsummer afternoon

In a neighborhood,  a couple blocks away
 from mine, I walked.

I wore a thrifted tie dyed tank.

I stood, and I slightly smiled.

I wore a pink bracelet my mom made.

I wore a guitar pick necklace,
my cousin made.

I got sassy, but that's not anything new.

Here's my midsummer day
and midsummer night art pages.

I go outside my backyard. I hear insects, cars, neighbors' dogs barking, some annoying motor sound from the middle school behind my house buzzing. There are birds chirping, and an airplane overhead.
I feel itchy. I'm probably allergic to something
the wind is blowing faintly.

 I hear it gently rustle the leaves in my yard.
They sway. I feel warm cement on my bare feet.
I smell mustiness and dirt. I taste my peppermint gum.
It's not calm and peaceful. I'm getting a headache, so I go inside.

July 9, 2012

It says:
The only garden she could grow was with a pen.

At night is usually when I practice my guitar.
We can hear airplanes, trains, insects, and did I mention dogs barking?
 I keep a heating pad,
I read until I'm ready to fall asleep.
We have these high ceilings with these semi-circle windows, and the sky is often not dark, not black. Here it's like a grey lavender through the window.  The other night I saw a huge grasshopper on the window.

 July 13, 2012

It says:
"You are the author of  your life's adventure.
Weave your tales of wonder."... 
by Brancy Britton

Monday, July 23, 2012


Waiting for something to break
Left my heart out to bake
Tree Paper Bead Duo Earrings

Nothing there in my glass

Wasn't never made to last
Crochet Lace Detail Lemon Blouse

Hope in my past

Soul Cal Deluxe Blast Skinny Trousers

All the way down to the lake

Colour Contrast Chunky Heels

Found the lake was wet

How much more could I take?

Lemon Purse

Better yet
Walked back home to my place

Desert Horizon Bracelet
beads created by refugee women currently living in Kenya, 
 total proceeds from purchase supports adoptive families 

Tired of getting high

Guess I don't wanna die
Fabric Flower and Leaf Belt

Hope in my past
Crochet Flower Necklace,
 Bracelet, Belt or Headband

Waiting for something to break

Left my heart out to bake

Martini Citrus by Joanne Stoker

 Slipped my mind that I could use my brain

Lemon Chiffon Drop Back Skirt

I'll stay up all night and crash on the plane

A ship without a rudder is like a ship
 without a rudder
 is like a ship without a rudder
Rudderless by The Lemonheads 

I first heard the The Lemonheads when I watched the movie Catch and Release. I waited for the credits, then wrote down who the bands were.
Then I looked the bands up. 

I had mixed feelings about this movie.
I always feel sorry for the guy characters who are in love with the girl, and she doesn't love them back. Even if it's a guy that's just a friend,
 or a supporting role.

Here are some of my art journal pages.

 is my fave song by
The Lemonheads.

I get happy when my guy sings it.
He makes me laugh.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

holy sand, batman!

I spent most of the day, in my car, road tripping.
My purse I hand painted, ions ago
My shoes
My guy's shoes
This is where I spent my evening.

My guy stretching on the beach.
My guy preparing for his run.
I like taking photos of strangers.
Guess me from behind. 
That would be the chick writing this gibberish.

I don't have a photo of how our car got stuck in the sand. Three or four possibly intoxicated guys,
 tried to push it out. They gave up.

Then 20 minutes of my guy trying to dig our car out of the sand, one young guy and a very nice young lady, (mostly the lady), pushed our car out all the way.

I tried to help, but my shoe got stuck in the sand, as we started running.  They didn't have that problem, because they were barefoot. I ended up taking off my shoes too.

Let's just say our car is covered in sand,
 inside and out.
I guess they feel the need to show the Texas state shape everywhere, including the rest stops. 

My journal page about the perfect Summer day.

If I had a Summer/vacation home,
I would want it to be...