Thursday, December 30, 2010

lips like sugar...

"She floats like a swan 
grace on the water 
lips like sugar...

Me and my friend.
My mom gave me this sweater for Christmas.

"just when you think you've caught her
she glides across the water 
she calls for you tonight 
to share this moonlight 

My friend made some yummy delicious, huge sugar cookies with homemade cream cheese frosting,
but I forgot to take a photo.
I was too busy stuffing my face with one.

"You'll flow down her river 
She'll ask you and you'll give her 
Lips like sugar 
Sugar kisses...

She knows what she knows 
I know what she's thinking 
sugar kisses...

just when you think she's yours
she's flown to other shores 
to laugh at how you break 
and melt into this lake... 

She'll be my mirror 
Reflect what I am 
A loser and a winner 
The King of Siam 
and my Siamese twin 
Alone on the river 
Mirror kisses"... 
Lips Like Sugar
by Echo and the Bunnymen

funky town

no, it's not an animal rescue mission

It's just that her heart's so big!
I think her tree is gorgeous!

She painted these ceramics.

She painted these ceramics too.

Below are some jewelry she made me:

This one has black guitars just  like the one I play.

coffee for her, but none for me thanks

She says "I like that color, that's my green."
That's cause it used to be your sweater. You gave it to me last year, don't you remember?

How 80's cheesy is this video?

at some place we ate at

The food, was good, but it took forever. It felt like anyways.

Don't ask me I didn't decorate the place.

who makes the best peanut brittle?

If you read this blog, regularly, you know it isn't me.
My friend on the other hand...

 What are the chances that she & another close friend of mine, drive the same kind of car, that's the same color? (yeah it's bizarre-zo).
What are the chances that her dog & my ma's dog have the same name? (call it coincidence). 
Who else knows the quotes from one of my favorite movies of all time?
Can't wait to read this later! 
Sorry these photos don't do her decor justice, cause well I had to use my lame-o phone camera, since somebody had my real camera somewhere else.

Yes, my friend DID paint this da-da-da Batman. It's even better in person.

;) I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010