Saturday, April 30, 2011

just the facts HA!

I got this award from my friend Sarah.
Now I have to give 7 random facts about myself. 

If you already know these things, or have heard them all before. Just pretend to be surprised.


Fact 1)
 One of my favorite gifts, was a story written by my brother. 

It was titled Brother and SisterHe gave it to me the day before we moved to Texas.

Here is a photo of us on stage. We're at some amusement park in California. 

Fact 2) W
hen I was little, I liked doing the dishes. 

My mom sewed the dress I'm wearing, in the photo above.

Fact 3) I've never broken a bone in my body.
cartoon source

.I don't ever intend to break any bones either. Hope I'm not jinxing it, (crossing fingers).

Fact 4) My second softball coach taught me to bat left-handed.
picture source
I can bat both ways, but I feel more comfortable batting left-handed. 

I so wish I could find my softball photos. They'd be good for a laugh. But they are lost, just like my mind.

Fact 5 )Unfortunately, I've been on TV.
photo source
It was a local TV station commercial. It was like a million years ago. I didn't speak, (thank goodness). They just showed some images of me playing with children at work.

Fact 6) I can sing or say my ABC's backwards.
picture source
When I was in kindergarten, my teacher would have us sing the ABC song, while she pointed to the letters. Sometimes she would have us go backwards. I still remember.

Fact 7) I can read upside down.

comic source
It's from all those years working with little ones. I'd have to hold up the book, to show them the pictures.

comic source

It's not just with children's books either. I can turn a novel upside down and read pages. I can't do it for more than 30-45 minutes, or I get a dizzy headache.

book cover source

I pretty much love every blog I read! If I didn't, I wouldn't spend my time reading them. Instead of me passing the award to anyone specific, feel free to play along if you wish. You can give us 7 facts about yourself in the comments section, or post a link to your blog. 

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  1. Aw, these were fun to read!

    But now I seriously want to see that commercial... hehe! :)


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