Friday, April 1, 2011

just like steve

My nephew looks like that
Steve guy from Blue's Clues.

Well except for the whole diaper and no pants thing. But who knows maybe that Steve guy wears a diaper & no pants too. Kidding. ;)

What does that say about me that I know that guy's name is Steve?
Besides the whole fact that maybe I've worked with kids too long? Nah.

I've never even watched an episode of that show. I don't even think it's on the air anymore, is it? 

Now it's all about some Yo Gabba Gabba or whatever. I think? Don't worry no was hurt when I attempted to do that.

Remember when people would dress up as Blue for Halloween?
Okay we all know who's cuter though,don't we?
Remember when I decided to shut the ef up?
 Oh, right that didn't happen, did it?
My guy made this slide show using repeat photos you've all seen before. It's of babies we love. The song is from the band Telegraph Canyon. Yes I admit when I saw the video I cried.


  1. Hahaha, your rambles - I love. You have a beautiful family! And they totally replaced Steve after awhile with some loser, I don't even remember his name. How disheartening.

  2. Oh man, he does! And I totally watched that show when I was younger... haha

  3. These pics are sooooooooooooo cute!!! Just made me laugh!!! What a face!!!!
    xoAdvice From A Caterpillar

  4. Nice Job John!!


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