Monday, April 4, 2011

gallery 414

Before we entered gallery 414 I asked my guy what kind of art we would be seeing. He said from the picture it resembled water, and was abstract.

When I looked at this piece I exclaimed,it's like a red velvet material. However, It's calming and serene, which is surprising for the color red. The artist Heidi Lingamfelter told me that she knows red can be so menacing. I exclaimed at the leaves. She explained how she collagraphed real leaves. Then she hand cut them.When I mentioned how time consuming that must've been. She said she did it on those snow days when we were trapped indoors.
I found it interesting that the red color in the painting was the same shade of the corduroy jacket she was wearing.

When I first saw Winter Rusiloski's work I told my guy, now this is the kind of art I like.

To me the orange color is like tiger stripes with curves spreading out into ripples like a pond.

In Winter's art I could see how she used her fingers to paint. There were scratch marks like fingernails.

Winter had elements of mixed media. Photographs of the Saginaw water tower and round bailed hay. She then repeated the circular shapes and the yellow color in paint. 

Winter's website

Heidi's art has so much texture. You can't see in these photos.I stated that it reminded me of printmaking. Then I discovered that's what her master's degree is in.

The top half of this piece was like a tarry black asphalt road. The bottom layers of black & grey on top of each other in collage.

Heidi asked me if I'd ever tried printmaking. I said yes relief printmaking. I thought it was hard.

Heidi's website
 All photos taken by my guy, except the last one.
Heidi Lingamfelter photo source


  1. Where do you see all this art Teddi... I love your vison of it all.... :D

  2. Thats really cool! although i dont get the 9th piece of art? maybe i dont have an artistic eye or something but it looks like a black rectangle to mee

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment Teddi, and thank you for visiting my blog :)

    I love your artistic vision, I wish there were more art galleries and museums around my area to visit.

    Keep up the great posts !

    Lola xox


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