Friday, August 28, 2009


incubus was a great show. it was relaxing and fun. granted we were on the lawn forever away from the stage, but the time just flew by. i couldn't believe how short it seemed, and when i looked at the time i realized that they played for 1 hour and 45 minutes. that's what happens when listening to good music.

chevelle & staind

chevelle was on my must see list. i LOVE their music! the show was stifling if you look at pix. i had people up in my face & behind, with all sides surrounded. i got wild turkey spilled on me. it was shoving and standing on tiptoes just to see him play chords. still glad i did it.
then we backed off for staind cause i didn't want to go back into that mess. i'm not into their music as much, but there are definitely songs i feel. the best part was when he came out into the crowd with some stage set up for a few songs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

switchfoot & blue october

obviously we go to a lot of shows at the house of blues. we missed all of switchfoot's set except the last two songs which are my fav anyways. the place was the most crowded i've ever seen it, and they were sold out there the night before.

blue october was the best show i have ever seen there! check out the violin player along with whatever other instrument he had strapped to his back which he took turns playing along with the keyboard. the lead singer blew me away with all his raw emotion and power! i mean i could feel his heartache, rage, and love in every single word he sang. but the clincher was the way he ended it. with an acappella of everyone he performs for, and why it's cause the audience understands him. which is the truth and beyond inspiring!

the peacemaker

trees just reopened last weekend in deep and we went to see the peacemaker. i can't believe how much we paid to see local bands. it was beyond packed with people stepping all over each other.

i wasn't feeling the next band, so we headed out before the headliner. i just wish the peacemaker's set lasted longer. those guys play loud and hard. the lead singer cracks me up with his clickety clack!

shawn's wedding

sorry i missed it. i really wanted to be there. i know it was a long time coming. ma said the desserts were delightful. you look great. congrats!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

our lady peace

Our Lady Peace at the House of Blues. didn't get as close as i like to be, because we were late. i still got to see. it was a good show, except for the dude jamming beside me, who kept touching me. i wasn't sorry when he moved on, (i was sayin see ya, wouldn't want to be ya).

burning hotels

local bands at the tavern in dallas. introduced to a new band called record hop. i'm pretty picky about female singers. this girl rocks! their sound is punk like, and reminds me of sonic youth.

but we really came to see the burning hotels (who happened to be in the movie just released called bandslam). they had replacement bassist who used to play for black tie dynasty (they were huge in this area until they broke up this year). anyway the bassist was good. poor singer broke two of his strings on two different guitars, but they kept on playing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

glasvegas concert

Ida Maria opened, and she was amazing! Glasvegas played their hearts out. The ending was the best when the audience was singing the words back to them. The lead singer was choked up, humble, and he kept saying thank you from the bottom of his heart.

the lounge

at the lounge in deep ellum. we saw dead beat poetry, branden daniel and everybody gets laid, and stew. my music was dead beat poetry. my fav performance was branden daniel. look at him play that fender! stew had a mini marshall stack, mini drum kit, and fake stones like the stonehedge scene in the movie this is spinal tap. we didn't even stay through their first song cause something about their amps was giving me a headache. there was a cool magazine wall collage that covered the women's bathroom however.

cafe brazil

this place was in deep ellum. i love the vibe there. they are open late, and breakfast is served all day. i had these super berry crepes!

gallery & nasher

the gallery stuff was okay. the dr. suess prints were fun. we didn't take hardly any pix. it was my 3rd time at Nasher. It was John's first.