Monday, December 14, 2009

vickery park

We went to see Descender at Vickery Park. Lead guitarist was playing my dream guitar. There was no cover instead each person brought unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. Good music for a good cause. That's something I can get behind.

Happy Holidays everyone, this girl is heading home in few days, for a few weeks, so peace out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


At the Curtain Club before the set,e the this guy and his friends are asking me to compare Redefine's sound to a band they'd know. I say they rock, and they're hard to describe. He's saying his favorite concert of all time was System of Down, "Are they like them?" No. "Creed?" No, we saw Creed, and they suck. "Deftones?" I love the Deftones, but no. Mmm, maybe Metallica? They are hard to place. Then he talks about how he likes all kinds of music including James Blunt, which I laugh about. I did admit that I saw N'Sync during their No Strings Attached tour so now you can laugh at me. Then he talks about Sade and I say that's seduction music like Barry White and Let's Get It On.
Redefine is kind of like Iron Maiden. I told them, but none of them know Iron Maiden. I say, Run to the Hills? They look at me all puzzled. Then the curtains close, the lights go out, and I rush to the front of the stage.
afterwards I ask guy and friends to tell me who they think Redefine sounded like. They said they liked them, but they couldn't decide who they sounded like. That I was good, but it wasn't Iron Maiden. (I thought they didn't know Iron Maiden! wtf?) We took off, and listened to Iron Maiden aall the way home. I still stand by what I said. What do you think?

in denton

We'd planned to see Trebuchet last weekend, but didn't make it. This weekend we caught the last song of some wannabe Motley Crue/New York Dolls band. I was unimpressed, but the girls in front weren't. Trebuchet had an artist creating art while they performed, here's his link.

I realize it wasn't my favorite performance of Trebuchet, but I love watching their guitar player. I stand there trying to identify all the stuff he's doing, while his fingers move all over the fretboard, wishing I could play like that.


On the tv they're playing some Rolling Stones concert on Vh-1. Funny since, we were just listening to the Stones in the car. We went Lakewood to see Orange Crush Peel. A band that online, reminded me of Sunny Day Real Estate. I swear their lead singer looks like Bret from Flight of the Conchords.


I see two guys walk in wearing skull caps, and sit down. I start laughing cause I suddenly think of Jay and Silent Bob. I mention this to the people, at the next table, one guy says, "That's who we were for Halloween."
Later J has an ephiphany the guys I laughed at must be the next band cause why else would five guys sit together. I say I knew the one standing was a musician long before that. I could tell by the way he watched me watching the guys play onstage. When I see him pull out the same guitar I wanted at the guitar show I say, this is gonna be good. Then he warms up with Hendrix. I was right.The name of the band is Jokersdeck. Their lyrics were completely original with a sense of humor. They have this dynamic energy together with blending guitars and high voices like Queen or The Darkness. Their songs were interesting and did not run together or sound the same. I heard traces of The Beatles and something else I couldn't identify at the time. After the set I said, great show, you guys were worth every penny! We got home after 2:30 AM. The next day on Myspace I realized the sound I loved, but could not identity was traces of Jimmy Eat World. Do not mistake what I am saying. Jokersdeck is not a rip off band. Their stuff is their own, but their influences seem to be the foundation of the music that I love!


...She stared at every night, but it was difficult to tell whether there were white flowers on the tree's branches or dozens of doves, or if perhaps stars had fallen from the sky, only to be caught in a net of leaves...

...The sky was the color Elv liked best-a tender dark blue, falling to earth like ashes...

...She tried on all her ama's old clothes-black satin suits, white lace blouses, high heels, black cashmere sweaters with crystal buttons, Chanel jackets that fitted her perfectly...

...On their way they sang Beatles songs, their mother's favorites. They sang "Imagine" as high as their voices would go, then exploded into giggles...

...She quickly painted her sisters in shades of yellow, wheat, and tangerine...

...She'd been so young and stupid and so unlucky and lucky all at the same time...

..."She lives on the other side of the ocean..." "...where they speak a different language and the light is a different color every day."...

...The nature of love had totally escaped her until now. She had thought that if you lost it, you could never get it back, like a stone down a well. But it was like the water at the bottom of the well, there when you can't even see it, shifting in the dark...- The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman out my kaleidoscope. I lay on my back and looked through it all the fractured beauty. I turned the wheel slowly. Each thing I saw was so lovely I wanted to keep it, but then I would turn the wheel and there, more beauty, it would never stop...

..."I know it's trite, but isn't it really true that life is so beautiful because it's so fleeting and fragile?"...-Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

...the circus had left town... only the saw dust and peanut shells reminded us of what used to be...

...He stared out the window for a moment, looking at the desert sunset with the mountains in the distance and the clouds all pink and gold across the sky...-Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell

Friday, December 4, 2009


they're calling me by name
we're on the playground
it's recess
swings, tether balls, monkey bars, & jungle gym
snow is falling
i look up to the sky
it feels like a privilege
that i can be there to witness
it falls in my upturned hands
it's cold in my open mouth
like dancing in the rain
i'm overjoyed
getting excited about something i used to hate
they go on playing
continue like it's nothing
i see inches of snow piled beneath their feet
they go on their business
snow crunching below
to the rhythm of the children's jumping and chanting
to the beat of a jump rope rhyme

in the bathroom after the shower
towel wrapped
talking or waiting for a message
there were pieces of frayed white towel lint
scattered on the floor like snowflakes
packing them into a pseudo snowball
before throwing them all away

she imagines the dark, navy, night
inky blue, purple amethyst, magenta, slate grey, all the colors in the mountains
in the distance, she sees them, in the distance, right there. in front of her
white snowflakes falling, sparkling, reflecting, colors of rainbow
remember in the morning? the untouched fallen snow. remember the crisp, chill air?