Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on the green

You've met them before, but here they are again, Seryn.

Here is guitar #1.

 He's playing the .xylophone.

Yes boys and girls he is playing the ukulele with his teeth.

That would be the guy using a violin bow on a banjo ,while playing the kick drum.

The guitarist is playing violin bow on his Gibson guitar #2 Jimmy Page style.

And I always thought accordions that my twin cousins used to play, were only good for polka type music I couldn't get into. Who was wrong again? That would be me, amen.
The bass player had to get into the action, & play the violin bow too.

Now the drummer is playing the accordion.

He's playing guitar #1, but if you look to the right you'll see guitar #3, an electric.

You've met Telegraph Canyon before, but that was a whole year ago.

My guy took all the photos. He also made the videos cause he's cool like that.

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