Saturday, April 23, 2011

flattered but no

Homegirl (that would be me) was on the beach sketching poses of her guy for her art assignment.

She had to do faces, examples of foreshortening, light, shadow, real human figure studies.

 She had to take photos to compare what she drew to the photographs.

 I'm just lucky I have a guy willing to participate, and not be frustrated with my silly requests.
Sand mold my guy made of his body. Yep he buried himself in the sand.
 I wasn't about to do it. Too much work for this girl.
Hey, it's better to be buried by yourself, in the sand than have someone bury you in seaweed. Yeah, we saw that yesterday. Disgusting much? I say yes.

Who are these people? I'm about to tell you.
 The guy walked up to me. I said, "You want a picture?" He said, "Yes." 
I said, "Okay do you want me to use my camera or do you have one?" He said, "No, I mean, I saw you drawing. I was wondering if you would draw a picture of my girlfriend and me?"

I said, "Uh... uh, no way. I mean I'm afraid I'd mess it up." He said, "But when I walked by I saw what you were drawing. It looked good to me." 

I said, "I'll take a picture of you and your girlfriend though. Is that okay? Do you want me to? I'll email it to you." He said, "Oh, okay then."

I walked over. She asked, "Are you an artist?"  "Um, uh, well, I'm trying... I uh.., I..don't know, not really, maybe, sorta? Who wants to give me their email? I have internet access at the hotel. I'll email your photos to you today."

"This is my email. Teddi is my name, so you won't be like, Who is this strange person emailing me? Okay?"
He said, "The drawings that I saw, they were good though."  "Yeah, um.., okay, thanks." 

 I decided he was really too far away to tell. He probably saw the school drawings in the book or something and thought they were mine. Ya know? 

  It's flattering, really it is. That maybe I could do that someday. When I'm good enough. It's something to strive for.
It's also kinda a lot of pressure creating something for someone else. Trying to think of what they would like instead of just creating art for you. Just making art that you like, and that makes you happy.

   I remember hearing or reading how great artist's would paint portraits in a better likeness of their subjects. This way they The people would look or appear more flattering than they did in real life. These artists were depending on these portrait commissions for their livelihood. They didn't want anyone to be displeased with their work. No one wants to see how another person sees them, do they? What if they are disappointed or disheartened? What if they are unsatisfied with what you created?

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  1. aw, you should have done it! do it anyway - from the photos... send it to them. when they're 56 and watching their kids go off to college, they'll wave to them till they can't see the car anymore, then come inside, and stop, quietly before that portrait, hung in the hallway, and remember who they are.


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