Monday, April 27, 2009

The Kills

First time we went to the Granada Theater. I’m not sure if I like it. We saw The Kills before at Austin City Limits, and they were great. This show not so much. It didn’t feel like they played long enough. It was only an hour. They didn’t play any of my favorite songs either.

Screen Printing Class

Sylvia and I took class together on Saturday, at the Art Hotel Gallery. Class was only supposed to be from 1-4. We ended up staying until after 6. We had a good time, met some cool people, and learned some new stuff.
Shane is one of the curators and the artist of copper and feather art work. The two guys are Brian and Mike the teachers. The images of girl are from Robbi. The doves are mine.

april artwork

figure drawings

Thursday, April 16, 2009

With my ma

We went to the grocery store, every craft store in the vicinity (so she could make me pretty bracelets and earrings), I made her breakfast, lunch, and chocolate cheesecake. John mostly cooked dinner. We at restaurants that served Mexican food, Egyptian food, and pizza. We went to Half Price Books. Which just so you know, happens to be one thing I like about Texas. 

I showed her my art, and she heard my music. We danced to old 70’s hits, she made fun of  John’s alternative punk, and she endured my rock and roll. I introduced her to Flight of The Conchords. We laughed, joked, and I talked too much (but what else is knew?). 

This last photo is her favorite cause we look like we’re on drugs. 

renaissance faire

They dragged me to this thing. Highlights were the untrained dog show, funny turtle man and turtle races, birds of prey show, and gawking at the outfits. So now we've all gone once, we don't need to go again! Okay? Somebody has a thing for Heath Ledger in "A Knight's Tale", and it isn't me. I prefer "10 Things I Hate About You",  yeah and she likes that movie too.

 I have to give a special shout out to my favorite part of the whole event which was Donal Hinely playing the glass harmonica. He is a true musician. He also sings and plays the guitar. His brother taught himself to play the glasses by ear at dinner party where they were drinking wine. Donal learned from his bro. The glasses just need to have a stem, be at least half way full, various sizes, and levels of water. The smallest glasses have the highest pitches. The larger glasses have lower octaves. The hands must be clean with dishwasher soap, and he often dips his hands into water. The friction creates the sound, and he rubs the glasses in circular motion on the top edge.

texas blue bonnets

Since it is spring Mom got to see to the blue bonnets. It's weird because last year, on our first visit here, I had bought her a children's book about blue bonnets.

the train

We rode the train cause we were exhausted from walking.

on the carousel

I begged Mom to go on the carousel, and she protested that she hadn't been on one in years. She did it, and she had fun, so there. (If I could just get her to go ice skating). Then afterwards she tells me that actually it was her first time on a carousel ever! Well it's about time I say.

fort worth zoo

I took Mom to the zoo cause she has a thing for animals. Personally I'd just do just about anything she wants to do, as long as I could be with her.

I touched this armadillo.

This goat licked my hand.  Yes I washed it afterward!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

curtain club

We went to the Curtain Club for the first time, it was in Deep Ellum. It was this small place with photos of bands on wood. I wonder if they've all played there. My favorite was Soul Asylum.

 We saw from top to bottom Trade Cities, Good Night Goddess, Before the Fall and lastly Trebuchet.

My third time seeing Trebuchet,  and every time is different and yet wonderful!