Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter in the olden days

 This is what I did for Sarah's grow project 4
 "craft a memory from your youth." 

Easter just passed. My family jokes about how I remember being in the womb. I don't. But, I do remember playing with this blow up, (that sounds dirty), plastic, huge, girly rabbit. How else would I know it was a rabbit? It's the only photo from that time.You can't see the ears in the photo. How else would I know the girly rabbit is holding a white Easter egg, decorated with blue or green designs?

 No one wrote on the back of the photo either. All it had was a stamp, from the photo lab. The stamp said it was developed in June. My mom wasn't in a big hurry about things like that. I don't think that rabbit lasted long. I'm sure I sat on it, or hit someone with it. Then it was bye-bye rabbit. What I don't know is where it came from, nor who gave it to me?

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  1. Ooooh, mysterious rabbit! I'm jealous of your memories, I don't think I have any from before I was five.

    Thanks for playing along again, my dear, I love seeing what you come up with! If you can't think of anything for this weeks project, don't fret, I KNOW you'll be excited for Saturday's. :)


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