Monday, September 28, 2009

20 questions

1. show us the inside of something cute
this fabulous book

2. the last homemade cooking i
had: j made broccoli and cauliflower pasta alfredo last nite. this is not an actual pic of
shot though sorry.

3.who do i miss? my girl N and her little monkeys. it's been way too long. someday though

4.what makes me laugh often?
my fav tv show flight of the conchords
5. my favorite
6. what am i trying to quit?
nothing, but i should give up my gum addiction
7, what's my favorite commercial right now? the trojan ecstacy one with the couple in the drug store
8. whose style do i dig? rachel bilson

9. what's the latest craft i made recently? i finally finished my seattle scrapbook last nite. it only took 9 years!

10. a photo of the last happy mail i got: my magazines

11. something i've got lately: my lemon icebox cookie scented candle

what am i looking forward to? autumn and halloween

recent snapshot of
myself: fake dorky cowboy outfit at los lonely boys show

movie i can't wait
to go see: whip it

15. something i'm working on right now: my art assignment

16. if a movie of my life were made who would i want to play me:

sophia bush i know she's cuter and younger, but if you know
about her personal life and how she continued acting through it. i think it's pretty amazing.

what gives me goosebumps?
musicians and guitar players. i love jimi
hendrix's little wing

18. link to great blog i discovered recently:

19. share an obsession: slacker radio is the best ever!

20.what is the meaning of your life? from the infamous words of steve tyler from aerosmith Life is a Journey, not a Destination.

los lonely boys

We got free tickets from the car dealership. The problem was we were so lost getting there, we nearly missed the whole show! It was so bad J was driving the wrong way, on a one way road. He backed over the curb, which I thought was an absolute riot. What we saw of Los Lonely Boys was good. It was just too short, especially for that long drive!

lame concert

i didn't want to go, and he bought the tickets by accident. it was so dead only one entrance was open. we got golf carted there. we had lawn seats, but since it was empty we went to seats like usual. we jammed to last 3-5 staind songs. when their set ended the concert guy asked to see our tickets. he must've saw the blankets we had beneath our feet. we got busted, and sent back to the lawn. not that the lawn is bad. creed just was. i'm not into their music. they had great lights and fire, but it didn't matter. 30 minutes into their set people were leaving, yeah, that bad. it was lacking. people were laying and sitting down. we kept hoping it would better, but it just didn't.

rock the kids

i got a friend invite for rock the kids on myspace about a month ago, but i denied it cause i didn't understand what it was. then i saw the flyer in the fort worth weekly. it was a benefit concert for st. jude children's research hospital, i realized i had to go. i like the burning hotels, plus we wanted to check out stella rose which did not disappoint. their drummer is like tommy lee, their bass player is like kim gordon, their singer was like adam sandler in the wedding singer. he got off to a slow start, but by the end they killed it!!! we had such a fun time, and it was for a good cause.

j's new truck

here it is. i so knew he would get another red truck. this one is nicer, newer, etc. it even has an alarm so hopefully no one will use this one as their love machine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

tiny lizard

j caught a tiny lizard. he found it inside the house. he put it in the sink, to take pix. then he let it go, back in the house (so it could eat the bugs).

i didn't know anything about it until i saw the pix. weird thing is i had dreams of tiny seahorses in water very similar to those shots, but that was months ago.

i guess it's a good thing i'm not afraid of lizards!

more mountains

everytime i go i love to see my mountains. i hate saying good bye to them. i'm sad i have to wait four months before i can see them again.

j's family

what do they like to do? they play games. they went golfing. they played: uno, cribbage, back alley bridge, yahtzee, scrabble, and hearts. i ate pizza.

joe's wedding

she walked down the aisle to stairway to heaven. they both couldn't stop looking. they were so happy they couldn't stop smiling. he was crying. their hands clasped tightly the whole time.

i met some new people i enjoyed. reaquainted myself with old friends. ate some really good chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. danced and sang to the classic rock. whined about the lame country. and of course i love a party!

peter max

today i got to meet my fav artist. unfortunately they didn't allow photos inside. they did played zeppelin's misty mountaintop, the pretenders, zz top, and black crowes hard to handle. i got him to sign a piece of paper with my name on it! i got to see this turquoise glitter fender strat guitar signed with his name and splotches of paint. i was there in front of his original paintings, that i'll never be able to afford, but i got to meet peter max!!! which is beyond anything i'd ever imagine.

Friday, September 11, 2009

nick's house

bad mexican food, bad tv, bad demon dog, bad teddi backing up into the syracuse city truck with my in-laws vehicle. thank goodness there wasn't any damage! it felt like i went back in time to my days as a teenager. except of course back then there was almost always damage.

e and me

we did what we always do. we went to lunch and we went shopping at the mall of course!

with c

showing me ur place, photos, and theories on people, as represented on their refridgerators.

more tnt

going to the hospital, doing something we'd never imagined we'd do, watching movies, and cleaning the kitchen like back in the day.

k & me

we got our hair cut, i got to see the boys, and i finally got my photo shoot with my girl. doesn't she look pretty?

dog walking

went dog walking with m, a, and a at liberty park. didn't get to spend enough time with my cuz, but i'll always take whatever i can get.

ra n me

cause we lost track of time chatting. we picked up m late from kindergarten, oops! hey for a 5 yr old she takes pretty good pix, wouldn't ya say?

little frog

one day while pulling weeds, j caught a little frog. it was tiny. maybe the size of a nickel or dime. i had never seen a frog so small! of course there are all kinds of creatures here. he acted completely giddy, the way i imagined he did as boy,when he'd catch horny toads in the desert.

newest artwork