Friday, December 28, 2012

black, white, and christmas delight

Joseph Fall RTW 2012
Alice + Olivia Fall 2012 RTW
Left: Altuzarra Fall 2012 RTW
Right: Alexis Mabille Fall 2012 RTW
Left: Charlotte Ronson Fall RTW 2012
Right: Andrew Gn

Me and my guy 
Christmas 2006

My brother, my sister n-law, and me
 Christmas 2006

This bathroom, at a rest stop in New Mexico,
 looks like white stars painted in a black sky.

Top left: Christmas 2012 weather
Top right: I'm in the red pajamas
Center: my brother n-law and my niece Lil bug
Bottom left: my nephew Baby JJ

Bottom right: my nephew Baby JJ and my mother n-law

My twin nieces 
EJ is wearing the polka dots.
Lil bug is wearing the sheep.

Christmas 2012

My brother is on the top, far left, holding back his dog.
My nephew Speed Racer
Christmas 2012

My art journal page 12-9-12

I look at the handmade gifts our old next door neighbor would cut out of wood and paint. 

How my guy would go to our neighbor's wood shop, and borrow his tools.
I think of the year we made brownies and cut them into Christmas trees,
frosted and topped with M & M's.
And every year we would bake cookies: hello dolly's, frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles,
or we made rice krispie treats, 
orange sugared walnuts, or cheeseballs.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

negligent me

This post was supposed to be up last Monday,
 and it never happened. I blame it on a road trip.

So here's my Inspiration Monday, from a week ago.

This is my version.

The ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
 choose an outfit to inspire a look.
Today's inspiration is: 

Leona Lewis
to see how others styled the look go to
inspiration monday: the sweater.

My coat was thrifted.

My dress was thrifted.

My scarf was thrifted.

My Art Journal pages from Dec. 18, 2012
The only chains she liked were on her clothes
 or accessories.

Road trip photos

My guy and I in December 2005

If I didn't get a chance to tell you before,
I'll now wish you a very Merry Christmas!  :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

in november

On the love seat,
 I realize I hear faint traces of music. 

My friend made my headband for my birthday

My cellphone isn't ringing.
 The TV isn't on, nor the stereo. 

My mom made this bracelet for my birthday

I look towards the window,
and see shadows of my love.

My blouse is thrifted

He must have gone running today,
and that's his music.

These boots are thrifted

That's why the backdoor is unlocked.
He's cooling down from his run.
It's his music I hear.

My dress is thrifted
These photos were taken in November 2012

My friends
in November 2012

My friend wearing her fierce boots

My friend X's painted pumpkin

My painting created in 
Art Journal Conversion Class by Roben-Marie Smith

To check out photos from when we say

Shiny Toy Guns
  in concert in May 2009 look here.

Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns

...We're gonna ride the race cars

We’re gonna dance on fire

We’re the girls Le Disko

Supersonic overdrive

So what's it gonna take?
Silver shadow believer....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sorta like santa

I've been thinking of Christmas,
as I look around the living room,

Alice + Olivia Fall 2012 RTW

at all the decorations, people throughout my life,
have given me, and what each one means.

Left: Alexis Mabille Fall 2012 RTW
Right: Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 RTW

Those gifts from people I used to work with, 

Cacharel Fall 2012 RTW

gifts from parents whose children I once took care of,
me and my husband in front of our old house
December 2006

gifts from my friends,
 that they bought or made for me.

My nephew, Speed Racer eating ice.
It's one of his favorite things.
Notice his Stormtrooper cup, and his favorite yellow helicopter,
that his daddy gave him.

We used the tripod and self timer.

I look at the Christmas ornament from my dad,
the year of the accident.
Gifts from him are few, and far between.

My nephew Baby JJ,
 and my twin nieces Lil Bug, and EJ

My husband hamming it up. ;)

My art journal page

My guy painted our front window.
He also made the green heart shutters and window boxes.
In front of our old house
December 2006

I look at  the wooden bear ornaments, my mom painted. I remember when my guy hung them from our lace curtains, in our bedroom, when I was sick in bed.

That's my idea of romance.
He knows how to cheer me up.
He still surprises me.
He still makes me smile.

Monday, December 10, 2012

coral and seashell dreams

Today is Inspiration Monday!
When the ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
 choose an outfit to inspire a look.

This is my version.

Today's inspiration is:
Jessica Biel
to see how others styled the look go to
inspiration monday: inception.

Autumn Texas photos taken by my guy

I dream of fancy houses with spiral staircases,wraparound porches, and black and white fixtures,

My purse is thrifted

seashells hanging from ceilings,
and roofs like natural sea lanterns.
more photos by my guy

Communal neighborhoods and living rooms of browns and rusts like our childhood couch, and home. There are rusted license plates on walls, like those found in The Quilted Bear.

my art journal pages from yesterday

There are wood  paneled walls, and on the carpeted floor, children sit in front of the TV. Everyone watches kittens and puppies, and time machines, going back and forth, to the past.
Wondering how it changed the future,
and whether that was good or bad.

My shoes are thrifted

nature photos by my guy

Maikeni blogi-part of me nominated me for this sunshine award. I will answer questions 9 and 4.

IX.  Which TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?

I'm such a TV junkie. I'm going to mention some shows you may not have heard of.

Wedding Band
 I freaking love this show!
I think it's funny. It just started November 10.
It's like a modern version of The Wedding Singer.

Mob Doctor
It's super intense, completely fake, and yet interesting.

All on the Line with Joe Zee
Joe Zee takes fashion designers and tries to help them improve their business.

IV. How often do you use your ID (Identity) card?

I use my driver's license as my identity card.
Whenever people ask to see my ID, (if they have a reason), I use it. I don't know how often that is. Like if I'm purchasing something with a credit card,(I don't mind showing it), or getting on an airplane, have a medical appointment, getting into a concert/bar, whenever I get pulled over by a police officer, which I don't enjoy.
Then again. Does anyone?  :p