Monday, March 29, 2010

marie antoinette

here are some visually stunning artistically fashionable images

soul men

i love bernie mac and this movie is a riot!

no more oxygen

my nephew is off the oxygen and smiling again

spring wedding

she was smiling and laughing. she looked radiant. the chocolate cake was tasty, and as i looked at the rose petals scattered on the floor i wondered if this was the last time i would ever see her.

fw sings 4 haiti

fort worth benefit concert to raise money for haiti

Margie Woods Brown

this is art by Margie Woods Brown another one of my art teachers

crazy heart

went & saw the movie crazy heart with the girls. we laughed a lot, but it was also very sad in a realistic way that not everything gets wrapped in a bow packaged perfectly. it's usually messy or unraveled, torn apart or raw and unfinished.