Sunday, October 30, 2011


 I bring you masks. Okay, I don't bring them.
I just show them.

The following 4 masks are from the same etsy seller found here.

Masquerade Ball Mask
The Pale Pristine - Fairy Mask

Dryad - Papier-Mache Fairy Mask 
Iced Persimmons -Goddess Fairy Mask

These 3 handmade leather masks are all from the same etsy seller found here.

Sunflower Handmade Leather Mask
Pumpkin Handmade Leather Mask

Mask of the Moon
Hello, purse with a mask, & a guitar.
Face the Music Mask

Very pretty leopard mask shoes!

Leopard Print Ballet

One very elegant bracelet.

Diamond Mask Bracelet

It's a bird, it's a mask, it's a necklace!

Swallow Mask Necklace
This is my friend Rainee.
She is the one who suggested I do a blog post on masks.
To check out her art look here.
This was a scarecrow we had in front of our old house,
for Halloween, years ago.
This is me & my guy last year on Halloween.
You may have seen this photo before here.

Now I dare you, to go off & celebrate my favorite holiday.   Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

elements of blue & orange

Just pretend like every photo here has
 orange & blue in it, even if it doesn't.

Alexis Mabille Fall RTW 2011
Alexis Mabille Fall RTW 2011
Alexis Mabille Fall RTW 2011
Angelo Marani Fall RTW 2011
Aquascutum Fall RTW 2011
My twin nieces in their princess tent.
Their blanket is
made of orange, with blue in it.
Orange & blue on my nieces' toy car.
How many pairs of sunglasses
 does my nephew own?
I wonder if he was getting ready to go to his room.

I think this photo of him is funny,
because he looks so serious. 
My art journal pages that say,
"Choose to look beyond what's written."
Close up page right.
Close up page left.

This is me dressed up as a 3 yr. old scarecrow.
Me & my brother dressed as Raggedy Ann,
and Raggedy Andy, for his 1st Halloween.
I think I'm 4 yrs. old in this photo.
I think this the 1st Halloween I got dressed up.

I just realized in both my costumes, my hair is fake.

No wonder I started coloring my hair in 6th grade.
I'm pretty sure I begged my mother.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

betsey johnson jeans

My blog friend Stacey Kay, from Goodwill Huntingg, sent me these Betsey Johnson  jeans. 

Remember the Who Wore It Best challenge, here? Goodwill Huntingg is a very inspiring blog! She takes runway looks, & creates her own versions of these looks, by using things she purchased from the thrift store. To learn the five trends of the season, & how to thrift for them, look here. 

    My husband took all these images at the Botanical Gardens.
That's my guy.

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people that I've come into contact through the internet!
People that I've never actually met, in real life.

 I feel happy to know the ways, in which, we're all connected.  Now try to avoid the urge from puking, from all this sappiness