Saturday, April 30, 2011

no we haven't!

 You thought I was done showing beach photos, but I'm not. I was just giving you a little beach free vacation. It's over now.
Can you see all this seaweed? It was all along every beach we went! My guy thought if he drove far enough, maybe he could find a seaweed free spot. No such luck.

He pulled over to let the National Park ranger who was following us, pass. Instead the ranger decided to get out of his vehicle.

  Ranger Rick, (I don't think that was his name, but I'm calling him that anyway),
"What's going on here?"
My guy asks, "Is there a beach around, without all this seaweed?" 

Rick Ranger: "An ocean without seaweed? You're eyes are red. Why are your eyes red? Have you been taking or smoking anything?"

My guy: "It's probably allergies, or the wind, or maybe the salty ocean."

My seat is reclined. I start laughing at the ranger's preposterous assumption.

I say: "No sir, we haven't smoked anything. We've been here before, but that was in June and July. We've never seen all this seaweed!"

 "Yeah, the seaweed has been bad here, the last couple weeks, okay the past month or so."

My guy:  "We'll just go back to the hotel beach."

Ranger Rick: "The hotel should have the seaweed cleared."

 Me: "Well they haven't."  


 Ranger points at me, "Have YOU had anything to drink today?"

I answer,  "Just water."

I hold up my bottle & shake it, (you wanna sniff & taste it? I imply without words).


 He says to me, "Let me see your eyes. Are they red?"

I pull down my sunglasses.

Rick Ranger: "Well YOUR
 eyes aren't red."

 Me: "I haven't been in the water. I've only stayed on the sandy, (seaweed-y) beach." 

"You sure you haven't drank or smoked anything?" 

Me: "Yes. No, we haven't!"

"Do you have that Jeep that's parked up the road?"

Me: "No, this is all we've got! Bye."

"Stay safe."

WTF? He and his partner were both wearing sunglasses! I should've asked to look at their eyes. Maybe they were the ones drinking and smoking. Sounded a little paranoid too, just saying. Remember the first time we got pulled over here? I asked the cop why he was pulling us over, when we were only going 5 miles over the speed limit? He only gave us a warning. But, I'm not a sassy pants or anything.

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  1. Hahaha that was a great story! They were probably the ones smoking and tripping out. Your beach photos are great too!

    In response to your question... I actually didn't even know about pretty little liars, and I never really took a shining to Gossip Girl. Perhaps these are things I should look into over my winter break.

    Hope the week is treating you well xx


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