Friday, April 29, 2011

All Night Long

The other day my mom calls and asks me who sings the song "All Night Long."
 I said, "Lionel Richie." Then I quote her the lyrics.
     She tells me, "NO,no,no! I don't think that's the song I mean." 
     I said, "Go ahead, ask this person & that person. I know I'm right."
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All Night Long video

Five minutes later she calls me again.
 I answer,"Did you question the master?"
She says, "It isn't that song by Lionel Richie. Maybe it's by Bad Company or Foreigner?"

"Mom, how does the song go?"
" I don't wanna sing in front of everybody. Now, I'm all embarrassed, well, okay.'All Night Long' something in the parking lot."

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You Shook Me All Night Long video

"Let me look up lyrics on the computer, give me a minute. Do you mean, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC? That's that same kind of classic rock genre."
"Does it say something about the parking lot?" 
"I don't think so."
Then she says ,"The song goes, "All Right Now." 

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"All  Right Now?!! That's Free! All Right Now is NOT the same as All Night Long! I didn't have to get on the computer to tell you that, I'm sure."
"Who did you say it was?"
"Free! F- R- E -E. Ma, let me play the video. Is that it?"
"I can't hear it."
"Can you hear it now?"
"Yes. Yep, that's the song!"
      "But Mom, parking lot and parking gate are NOT the same thing either. Geez! Love you, bye."

All Right Now lyrics

Whoa whoa whoa
there she stood in the street, smiling from her head to her feet.
I said hey what is this now baby maybe maybe shes in need of a kiss.
i said a hey whats ur name baby. maybe we can see things the same.
now dont you worry or hesitate lets move before they raise the parking gate

All right now, baby its a all right now
all right now, baby its a all right now.

Let me tell you all about it now
i took her home to my place
watching every move on her face
she said look whats your name baby are you trying to put me in shame
i said sloow dont go so fast
dont you think our love could last.
she said love, lord above, now you try to trick me in love
all right now
baby its a all right
all right now
baby baby baby its all right
all right now
its all right its all right its all right
yeah, were so happy together
its all right its all right its all right
everythings all right


  1. oh my word, i love the story. happens around here all the time. :) lyrics are slippery.

    smashing song to have stuck in your head, though.

  2. Oh, Lionel. ♥

    P.S. I passed a little something something along to you!


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