Monday, January 30, 2012

this celebrity's skin

"Oh, make me over 
I'm all I wanna be 
A walking study
In demonology  
 Hey, so glad you could make it 
Yeah, now you really made it 

Hey, so glad you could make it now 

Oh look at my face 
My name is might have been

My name is never was
My name's forgotten 

 Hey, so glad you could make it 
Yeah, now you really made it 
Hey, there's only us left now

When I wake up

 In my makeup 
It's too early for that dress 

Wilted and faded somewhere in Hollywood

I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh
No second billing, cause you're a star now 
 Oh, Cinderella they aren't sluts like you

Beautiful garbage, beautiful dresses 

Can you stand up 

Or will you just fall down?   

You better watch out 

On what you wish for 
It better be worth it 
So much to die for

 Hey, so glad you could make it 
Yeah, now you really made it 
Hey, there's only us left now 

When I wake up, in my makeup 

Have you ever felt so used up as this 

 It's all so sugarless 
Hooker waitress, model actress
Oh just go nameless
She's full of poison 
She obliterated everything she kissed
Now she's fading, somewhere in Hollywood 

I'm glad I came here with your pound of flesh  
You want a part of me 

Well I'm not selling cheap 

No I'm not selling cheap"-Celebrity Skin by Hole   

They continually dog on Courtney Love.
I'm not saying she's perfect, but these are the fashion moments, that I think she got right.

I read her book years ago, I liked it.

The truth is we never know what it's like
 to live someone else's life.

This is the latest song I've been playing on my guitar.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

the piano it sounds like a carnival

For my guy's birthday, we went to a piano bar.
Me & my guy at the piano bar.

We started the night at coffee shop, where some girl was singing, & playing her songs on a keyboard. We got bored, so I said why don't we go to the piano bar?

Fringed Boots

The piano bar was one of the things my guy had mentioned he wanted to do, back when we 1st moved here
but then we never did.
Piano Belt

At the piano bar, people tip the piano players with cash, & they request songs for them to play. Usually well known,  let's all sing along songs like, Baby Got BackPour Some Sugar on MeJessie's GirlEnter SandmanGod Bless the U.S.A.Don't Stop Believing.... Songs that generally have a guitar.

Ivory Earrings recycled from piano keys

I've never known how to play the piano.
 My brother got one of those mini Casio Keyboards, for Christmas, when we were little. 

Piano Bracelet recycled from leather belt

When I say mini keyboard, I mean the size of a ruler. Yes, it was about that small. I remember taking the booklet with the sample songs in the back, & playing things like "When the Saints Go Marching In."

Piano Wristlet

My mom's friend had a daughter named Emily. She took piano lessons. She showed me how to play "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater," "Heart and Soul,"

Fringed Leather Clutch

& "Chopsticks." Does anyone remember the piano scene from the movie Big? That was a cute movie. Click on the above link to see that scene again.

Piano Pants

We moved away, & little Emily became a cheerleader. I never took music lessons, nor attempted to play a musical instrument, until I was an adult.

Wooden Necklace
recycled from inner workings of a piano

I could tell you which band was playing a song, or quote song lyrics, even to songs I didn't like. I got a "D" in Music Exploration, when I was in 7th grade. 

Ebony Earrings from recyled piano keys

I had no exposure, & didn't understand music theory. When I was in Jr. High, I lived next door to a singer. Sometimes she'd dropped me off at the Jr. High, on  her way to work, at the High School.   
Arm Warmers made from recycled sweaters

She had a piano in her house. She told me I could play it, because one day I was messing around with the piano keys, & using one of her beginning piano books.

The dueling piano players.

 It was fun, but that was the only time I played her piano. I was too embarrassed to go over to her house. I was afraid I would annoy her if I came over all the time, even though she told me no one played it. She was the woman who sang at my wedding, & who's borrowed wedding dress I wore.   

When the guy from the audience, played the guitar,
 that was hanging on the walls of the bar.

 I wish I'd taken her up on the offer. I still don't know how to play the piano. The truth is though, I'm more of a guitar girl. My favorite part at the piano bar was when the guitar was played. When I mentioned it, another guitar player said to me, "Well it's not like I hear a song, & go man, that really needs some piano, more piano." ;)

I love this song. I remember playing it on my record player while studying the lyrics from the album I'd bought at the thrift store.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


They dressed in blue, not completely,
 but in parts. 
Chris Benz 2011 Fall RTW
Chris Benz 2011 Fall RTW

For even if it is, the most

favorite color, 

no one wants to hang
around someone who's all

all the time.
Christian Dior 2011 Fall RTW
Christian Dior 2011 Fall RTW

Me with my nephew
Art Journal pages I created for
my friend Crafty Moira & her Traveling Journal.

Close up of right page.
Close up of left page.
Little me when my room was a mess,
with an unmade bed.

I really dig this band.
Great Northern - Story lyrics 
..."And is it all those things that we won't ever say

And is it all those things we won't ever be
And is it all those things we would pay not to see
What do you want? What do you need?
What do you get? What do you see? 
It's all the same with different words"...

look away dixie land

Have you seen this TV show, The Hart of Dixie?
I LOVE it! 
It's one of those things that makes me smile.

We all know I could use a smile.

I've liked Rachel Bilson since I first saw her on The O.C.
She was my favorite character on that show. 

Take a look at some Rachel Bilson mad fashion style.

Watch this 32 second preview.
 Sometimes this is what my life feels like.

Ok, so maybe I don't live in Alabama, like the setting for the show. But I live in Texas, & it's very Southern, to a Yankee girl like me. Yes, it's considered Dixie, just look here. I haven't seen rats, like in that preview, but there are a whole lot of bugs & humidity. ..."A way, a way, a way down south in Dixie"...