Thursday, February 26, 2009

my monoprints

October Girl

I may like stars, but I am definitely a moon girl, Halloween night darkness chick.

Monday, February 23, 2009

saturday night

saw more bands on saturday, at the Prophet. good times. 

earshot concert

friday night at the house of blues. first band we saw was called Pale. they were only okay. Earshot is the band we went to see, and they were great. the problem was their set was too short. part of that could be the fact that we went to get a plate of $4.00 french fries which tasted like spicy garlic madness (unimpressed).  Earshot rocked. i consider them a fusion of Alterbridge and the Deftones. standing in the front i saw cool things i'm learning on guitar like: palm muting, alternate picking, slap  harmonics, and switch pickups flick trick (sweet!)

book with wings

i know i've shown you this before it's called Book With Wings by Anselm Kiefer. here's what i learned about it last thurs. he used books and wings as a theme in his art. it is made of lead. far away the wings look majestic. up close the wings look weathered and beaten. it's an open book without words. books or knowledge can set you free. take what you want from this piece. i think it's exquiste.

wheel about

This is by Nancy Grace. I believe it is called Wheel About.  It's a sculptural piece made of found objects, bright colors, and it "encourages you to walk around seeing different points of view" as quoted by Mark Thistlewait (thurs night class art teacher at the Modern).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on valentine's day

the love for the people in your life should be expressed everyday not just on one designated day a year. it adds all this expected pressure. often it just makes those that are single feel bad about themselves cause they aren't coupled off. so, i'm sending out my love.

john made the cookie dough. i rolled and baked the cookies. i put the cookies too close together on the sheet.

this cookie naturally expressed my sentiment of being away from my family and friends.
later that day we watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (the book is one of my fav's ever and beyond good. the movie censored, distorted, and not so much. so if bad language and content doesn't offend you please read the book instead)
it's very my so-called life inspired and if you love the book get the dvd and watch the writers' commentary cause it's worth listening to.

Robin Fitzpatrick Borgers

Reflections from Wyrdsisterhood
: her artist statements says wyrds are kind of a prayer. she lives in the forest near the ocean. her work being visual prayers, ideas of beauty, strength, and death. that they are subconscious and feminine

Jason S. Reynaga

"Switch Off/Switch On Forces Within: Can the villian become the hero, or is it ever too late? Comic books, cartoons, and high tech games have an impact on child's intrepretation of reality. So too, the actions of a parent, as they convey an ideal capable of either incredible good or great harm"

This is a self portrait of Jason. He used the Id, Ego, and Super Ego along with the inkblot picture concept. By chance we got to hear him speak. His work is brave and haunting in depth of how personal it is.

Decision and Childhood
at first glance it just looks like cool artwork one might see in a tatoo shop. red background, black velvet, and glitter

The Villain: the Star Wars reference, the relationship between father and son, the psychiatric drugs

The Hero and Phoenix
(so much more than on the surface)

Barbara Arabian

"My paintings are imaginative visions of creation... I find inspiration in many places including, but not limited to space exploration, astronomy, the undersea world, microscopic life and theoretical physics... It is my hope that this combination of inspiration , knowledge, experience and technique results in a unique expression of the joy, mystery and sense of infinite that accompany contemplation of the universe in its continuous state of 

Christopher Blay

"...Microaudiotellarevolution is based on the use of... media we view conflict and war... We experience it on television and other media, not in direct personal response to ...the tragedy of war and conflict in the world...but a certain futility in translating such experiences into a visual equivalence..." 
i realize i am taking his words and oversimplifying the context. he used outdated technology such as slide projectors and cassette tape recordings to make a statement.

Friday, February 13, 2009

texas sunset

from my kitchen window
hot pink sky 
houses mostly cover
my view

Thurs night class

At the Modern, last night they had us do sculptures out of canned foods which they ended up donating to the food bank.
"Take a picture of us pointing with our fingers."

How I ended up in class full of elementary and high school art teachers is beyond me?
"Okay now take one with just our feet!"

Um, okay.

"Now it's time to take a picture of you.
 Where's your camera?"

In the strawberry shortcake purse.

Nasher with Sylvia and Carol

Leave it to Sylvia to show me something from another point of view. Carol is on the left and Sylvia is on the right. She doesn’t just know about art. I learn so much from her.  Surprising as it is, I do actually listen. She and Carol have been friends for 30 years. I hope I can say that about my girls someday.  First we went to sculpture class and then the museum. I can’t believe it cost $15.00 to park the car in downtown Dallas! 

First we went to sculpture class and then the museum. I can’t believe it cost $15.00 to park the car in downtown Dallas! They represent to holocaust. These faceless anonymities repressed hollow inside, every one individual. Walk among them , look inside and between.
Don’t forget to stand back too.

This one is dark and uncomfortable walking through. Pressure feels like it’s gonna fall on you. 


Why didn't anyone tell me before I saw CATS it was their least favorite musical? That there was no story and the music was mostly opera! These people had to know how to sing, dance ballet and tap. They did cartwheels, back and front handsprings.  The way they moved their bodies like cats. The individual costumes of colored tights and leg warmers. 

Flashing strobes, colored christmas lights. Stars in the colored sky or moving on the floor. Tinsel streamers popping through the air. Couldn't even see the orchestra. I liked the guy characters that reminded me of David Lee Roth and Elvis.

Everyone knows I'd much rather go to a rock concert.

For Linda

I know it’s late, but I didn‘t forget. She’s one of the kindest, most caring, and generous people I know. In her car, she lets me play my punk rock music and sing as loud as I want. We have fun together, talking. We could be going to the dreaded doctors, walking, heading to the store for last minute Christmas Eve supplies or getting lost at the 

airport. She’s seen me at my best and at my worst. Through it all we laugh. If I could have anyone in the world be my mother-in-law I’m glad it’s you. The next time I see you. Let’s play Scrabble, Uno, and Tri Dominoes. You can snack on gummy candies and we’ll eat cherry cheesecake. Be prepared to show me the things you have crocheted, your needlework, and of course your latest scrapbooks. I miss you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009