Thursday, July 16, 2009

corpus christi

In Corpus there was the beach and street art! We had some tasty Greek veggie pizza, but my fav place was called Hester’s café. It was a coffee shop with all homemade food, and desserts. J ordered a chai caramel tea that tasted like pumpkin pie with a Portobello sandwich on ciabiatta bread. I had spinach and tomato quiche with swiss, and the best homemade tomato soup of my life with parmesan and black pepper! They had every kind of dessert you can possibly imagine. There was chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake, caramel cheesecake, pecan pie, all kinds of cookies, and muffins. We actually tried the blueberry cheesecake that had pieces of fresh blueberries on homemade graham cracker crust. We ate a yummy lemon scookie that tasted like crispy shortbread scone. The chocolate muffin was very chocolatey. The best dessert was the chess or buttermilk pie that tasted like a cross between caramelized sugar custard and flan.

Now Corpus is fun to visit, but I would be bored stiff if I lived there. Their House of Rock was a joke. I was bored at a heavy metal show! We left early. I had an epiphany that just because people can play their instruments well does not mean their music is any good.

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