Friday, January 30, 2009

some art pieces

Some of you are wondering what I've been working on. So, here's some a couple abstract pieces from my class last weekend. I have some charcoal nudes from my figure drawing class Monday, but I don't know if anyone would be offfended. Still working on my figurative clay sculpture piece on Thursday. My dove series of prints are from my printmaking class. Which I missed last Monday night due the the lovely icy weather.  Wednesday was the worst of it, I hope. The schools were closed. I fell in the driveway, and it was melted by the afternoon. 

Warhol & the Shared Subject

We tried to find a Lite Brite exhibit last weekend, in a seedy part of town. We passed 5 Laundromats, 6 churches, and a meta physical store. When we got to the place it was supposed to be, they moved it some address, piece of paper on the door. Tried to follow the directions, but couldn't find it. Next exhibit was Warhol and the Shared Subject. The video was so bizarre, cracking up. Then across the street we spy a pizza place. Finding good pizza and yummy eggplant parmesean sandwich this girl couldn't complain. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

with color

When I was little I lived in a world of black and white
It’s easy if you follow someone else’s rules of right and wrong
As I grew I realized life is mostly shades of grey
Grey has it’s place
But it’s bland and washes me out
I’d rather live in color


This exhibit was called Dawn by Kana Harada. Her pieces were beautiful. That whole room of what looks like exquiste, delicate chandeliers is made out of fun foam sheets,( believe it or not). It feels like being in a fairy tale princess wonderland.

white like a feather

The name of the exhibit is: white like a feather, heavy as red by Nancy Brown
She had what looked like broken glass, rubber bands, razor blades, plastic firefighters, broken letters or genetics?
It covered the wall.

local art and politics

The flaming heads are Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Shale. Record players of sounds resembling oil drilling. Notice the gas pump and the shredded dollar bills 
within some of the pieces.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mother and child art

fort worth stockyards carnival

There are surprises around every corner if you are flexible and open to them. We were walking to the art museum and we see the Funhouse. Funny thing is we were listening to Pink's Funhouse album. When we finished looking at art we headed to the action. The big deal about this is I haven't gone to any amusement parks for years because of my accident. Terrified to induce any injury. I chose carefully and I had fun. The last ride I felt a tad dizzy and sort of drunk. All I had was a pina colada snow cone.

j's birthday

This is from one of the 4 cards I gave J for his birthday: A birthday  is like a vacuum cleaner. It's just there, and then it sucks. And when it's not sucking it's there waiting to suck. Sorry- next birthday I'll get you one of those cards with a rainbow on it. (Then I drew him a rainbow with peace sign and heart)

Friday, January 16, 2009

SLC airport

There's artwork everywhere. Even in the Salt Lake City Airport.