Sunday, January 31, 2010


it was their cd release show. they'd been promoting it like crazy. it paid off cause la grange was at capacity. we had to wait for people to leave one at time to be let in. it was all free including the cd . jokersdeck played beyond! they mixed their own stuff with some red hot chili peppers, hendrix, tom petty, and they closed the show with rage against the machine. during their break one of my top ten bands of all time, the replacements, played over the speakers. i danced all night. they said they play at that venue once a month, and i for sure will be back to see them play again!

poetry night

ms. b from j's work invited us to poetry night at the jamaican restaurant. c came with and t met us there. now i can appreciate some words. i do love poetry, but i thought for sure i'd be bored listening that long. c and t assured me once they got going the time would fly. it did. i like being exposed to some culture: food, music, dancing, language, and new points of view.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my nephew

he really was born yesterday. i wish i could have been there. new baby C i already love and adore you! i'll be there in less than two weeks.

red velvet cake

she's a southern girl. she tells me red velvet is her favorite cake, so i make it for her birthday tomorrow. i've never made it before. i'm not used to this red batter that reminds me of blood.

birthday celebration

for J's birthday we danced to groove academy which played 70's hits like "brick house," "superfreak," "get down tonight," & "let's get it on." they mixed it up with some beyonce & outkast. there was a couple celebrating their 36 year anniversary, and the band sang happy birthday to J. the music and dancing was a ball! check us out in the gazebo that reminds me of the gilmore girls.

feelin like spring

it's been warm enough to ride bikes again, and go outside without wearing jackets.

the edge

do some people need words in cement to know when they are close to the edge?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

poison cherry

poison cherry is a glam rock poison copy band. before they played it was 3rd wave and the one hit wonderfuls. i talked to the girl lead singer mary. she told me they were on facebook and the link to her "real" band was on there. okay i like to dance and have a good time. i've seen the real poison and bon jovi live. i was an 80's hair metal chick back in the day,but this is fake! it's like playing dress up with halloween costumes. i love halloween. it's fun once in awhile, fun for a day, but it isn't real. i don't mind covers. if you ask me what i'd rather see or experience it would be original music performed from someone's heart that they really feel. something that is genuine, and not some cheap imitation. of course that doesn't stop me from being wowed by some musician dancing his fingers up and down the fretboard like they're magic or the drummer throwing his sticks in circles in the air catching them one handed,while keeping the beat steady. all this while the lights flash, the smoke machine releases, and the sound of voices echoes in the room vibrating and pulsating.


he wanted new clothes. he takes us to some store i've never been in. if i was by myself i would have walked in, than walked right out, but i stayed. there are ads of mountains on displays taunting me. the one even looks like southern utah. of course they have to be surrounded by texas t's and longhorn memorabilia. and what's up with the camel clothing sign that looks like a cigarette ad? when did the 80's sweater vest make a comeback?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

telegraph canyon

the place was packed. we had to wait in line out the door. when we finally got inside, pushed our way to the front. chatterton the 2nd band was fun. i loved the guy's silver glitter guitar!

telegraph canyon was the headliner. their music reminds me of band of horses (one of my fav bands) and a fleet foxes fusion. they are this ensemble with such a variety of musical instruments and sounds beautifully blended together. afterwards i complimented lead singer on the show. he said, "i like your shirt." i look down at my shirt, (what was i wearing? oh, black weezer t shirt over royal blue long sleeve). "thanks."

i call to the keyboard guy as he walks away, "hey, did you teach that screenprinting class in dallas?" he turns around looks, does double take and walks back.

"i can't believe this is your band. i love your band!" (i had dogged so badly when he compared them to arcade fire last spring saying there's no way i would like them. isn't the first time and won't be the last time i made a wrong assumption.) just goes to show i can't tell whether i'll like someone's music until i actually listen!(yeah someone told me about this band last summer,i wasn't hearing it, but i'm not stubborn or anything,Ha-ha).

Friday, January 15, 2010

artist map

there was a book, a map, an art project. i ripped the pages. i tore them up, and out. i was trying to create this artist map idea. i wanted lines of snow, but it didn't work. it wasn't working. i ruined it. i messed it up. i made a mistake. i should have left the book alone. i should have kept it closed, or the idea to myself. it felt undone and unfinished. i didn't think it was complete. meaning maybe i needed a new perspective, new eyes, a new point of view. i needed to rework it. look at it a new way, see and distance, or use different materials. i needed to let go of what i thought i wanted, and try something, see something, use something else, something new, something different.

this old guitar

they say this was her father's guitar. they found it in the old house, hung on a nail, in the wall. who knows for sure if it really belonged to my great grandfather, or if he actually played it? it's beyond repair. the guy at the guitar shop told me it would cost a fortune to try and fix. so i keep it like it is, to look at, a reminder, and a connection.

strawberry shortcake

when i was little we moved to the first town i ever hated. the best thing that came out of that was i got to know my grandparents. my grandpa would use my strawberry shortcake lunch box to carry his lunch in. it was cute when he'd pull out the thermos.
i had a strawberry shortcake coloring book that my grandma copied pages from and created these paintings. hers is the blonde. many moons later, i found the other unfinished and completed it when she was sick. she probably smiled when i told her that she did indeed create things just like her mother before her. i keep both paintings in my kitchen, side by side.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

roller world

it was time to go skating/blading (whatever you call it).

parliament's flashlight played.
michael jackson insisted billie jean wasn't his lover (we know that was probably true).

barbie girl made me want to hurl. ashlee simpson sang i didn't steal your boyfriend (touche').

some familiar song i couldn't place stated all those things you said, running through my head... this is not enough.

while owl city said please get me away from here... and nothing it as ever as it seems.

roxette had to bring back the memory of some old boyfriend's mix tape that wanted me to listen to my heart before i told him goodbye. all i could think was i always try to listen to my heart, but sometimes my heart gets mixed up.

then there was vertical horizon
saying something about everything you want.

we got tired.

i put on my 4 year old purple suede thrift store find boots. the pair that when the zipper broke, he went to the store, bought a new zipper and hand sewed it, inside, for me.
yep that's the man i married. a football game was on their tv, and i decided what i wanted was a pizza.

art fix

i was long overdue for an art fix. soon y. warren's watercolors were stunning, i liked her oils too, with her ability to show texture and light. i've never seen a clementine look so pretty! glenn downing's sculptures were fun, and his huge mixed media pieces showed a lot of emotion.

what made my heartache were the prints of the american west. the ones we weren't allowed to take photos of. they showed the rocky mountains. they depicted the land when the bison roamed before they were killed off. the land before it was tore up by manifest destiny. the native americans were strong warriors, as if they could ever be anything else.

fitting in

i'm wearing my new outfit from forever 21. we shopped there back home, before christmas. i said do you notice how the people who work and shop here dress like me? without effort, i fit in. that place in the south where i've been living, it doesn't feel like anyone there dresses like me. it's like i'm never fitting in, forcing a square peg in a round hole, a star shaped object in a heart shaped hole. no matter how hard you try, the shapes just don't fit together.