Saturday, December 31, 2011

walk on

I know a girl that collects Precious Moments.
Me, in the back of my guy's truck.

I don't know when it started,
 but she's been doing it for years.

Many of them are gifts,
 & some are figurines.
One of them is an angel.
It tops her Christmas tree.

I collect precious moments too,
but mine are different than she.

For I collect words,
 songs, scraps of paper,
images, as flashes of memories.
Things I want to remember.
Possibly frozen moments in time.

from Janel at Run With Scissors.

from one of my best friends.

from Kimmie bear at Crazy 4 Scrappin.
from Katja at Maedchenmitherz
from my darling girl Er.
from my dear friend Charity at A Lovely Little World.
My guy with our twin nieces.
Some people that I love.
I used to see a view like this, every time I went outside.
Every time I looked out my living room window.
Every time I drove anywhere in my car.
Now it's just something I see when I visit.
For I don't live in the same place anymore,
but really, do any of us?
For none of us are static.
We're always changing, in some form or another.
Some would even call it evolving.
I don't know what I call it.
Blah, blah, blah...
Me acting goofy.
Walk on... Rock on.. 
Neither one is right nor wrong. 

Movielike Lyrics
Artist(Band):Jimmy Eat World

"My face coming down in streaks...
Not the way I hoped for
 Welcome to New York... 
Nothing movie-like
Nothing magic
People just tire to fight the constant battle
Waiting to see a sign?
Then you've seen the best already"...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

ice blue

I found some fashion of blustery ice blue.
Christian Dior Fall RTW 2011
I took some photos of the ice blue things I saw, outside my car window, as we drove past.
Do we ever really see the beauty of things around us?
My cousin's gorgeous Christmas tree.

Christian Dior Fall RTW 2011

until I lived there no longer.

Christian Dior Fall RTW 2011

Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2011 

Chris Benz Fall RTW 2011

Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2011 
Christian Dior Fall RTW 2011
Every year I tell my cousin how exquisite her Christmas tree looks,
& every year she doesn't believe me.
When will she see it for herself?
My niece with her face in an ice blue bowl.
My nephew wearing an ice blue guitar,
drinking out of an ice blue cup.
Little me wearing ice blue, with my cousins.
I'm the one on my cousin's lap.
The same cousin that decorated
that striking ice blue Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

dec 25, 2011

The only halfway decent photo of me,
from that day. 

Me & my brother's dog Gracie,
in his backyard.
My nephew in his new toy car.
His mommy is helping him.
The lady behind him is my mom.
Those blurry legs behind my nephew,
are my brother. No, my family does NOT
like to photo cooperate.
I can respect that.
My nephew looking at his new
 recorded book from Grandma.

There's my twin nieces unwrapping their presents.

My guy's family.
My niece with her mommy.
This would be my dear friends.

I like taking photos where people make faces.