Friday, September 30, 2011

Bright Eyes concert

 This is the band Bright Eyes, at ACL Festival.

 This is right before Conor Oberst stage dives into the audience.

 Conor Oberst saying good-bye.

If you like Bright Eyes, &  you have 7 minutes, watch this video. It's the actual performance of their final song when Conor Oberst stage dives into the audience. It's what I saw when I was there. I nearly cried that evening. I get choked up watching it again.
For me, it's that good. It was my favorite festival moment.

One For You One For Me  
Lyrics  by Bright Eyes

..."How did we get so far away from us?
How did we get so far away?

One for the people, one for the parliament
One for the weary, one for the malcontent
One for the master, one for the protégé
One for you, and one for me

One for the bread lines, one for the billionaires
One for the missing, one for the barely there
One for the certain, one for the real confused
One for me, okay, now one for you

Now that we've come so far away from us
Now that we've come too far to say
You and me, you and me that is an awful lie...
It's I and I, 
It's I and I, It's I and I, It's I and I" 

circles in new york

At the Anthropologie store window.

Below are the security signs, we had to pass, before we could get on the boat, to the Statue of Liberty.

Circle clock on Times Square.

At the M&M's Store they had this thing that you step on. The screen determines what your M&M mood color is.
 My friend's color mood was green. We all know what green M&M's mean. Why wasn't mine green?

My M&M mood color was white.

Circle light signal on the subway.

Circle sink, & circle scented scrubs at this shop. I can't remember the name. You choose a scent. Then, wash your hands with the soap, scrub, & lotion. The sales person uses perfume.  It's a layered scented process. I may even be forgetting a step. It's a fun experience.

Circle painting at The Met.

White chocolate mousse. New York cheesecake.

 One of these was a roll. One was a spinach & feta pastry. One was a wild mushroom with provolone cheese pastry.

My vanilla custard pastry looks like food porn.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

on the concrete

This is my nephew.
The date stamped on these photos is obviously wrong, considering he wasn't born until 2010.

These are my twin nieces. 

They were born in the same year as my nephew, just 6 months later.
There I am on Ellis Island.
On my way to the Broadway show.
Checking out the graffiti artists' supplies.
I'm walking over the concrete in Queens.

My guy & I on our way back to the car after Austin City Limits Music Festival.

I don't really wear tennis shoes, very often. I'm mostly a heels kind of girl. On these trips, I did a lot of walking. I had to leave my heels at home.