Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Carousel horse
I too move forward
on familiar ground
by source

I drew this with colored pencils.

On the backs of animals
Spin me 'round again
by Jillian McCoy
by Johnny Wheeler
Brightly painted horses prance 
On poles made out of brass

The jumpers and the standers 
With their eyes made out of glass

They roam around on wooden decks
Of finely painted wood 
The sound of the calliope 
The clanging of the bell 

The children know the ride will start
A whoop, a scream, and yell! 

A blur of colored horses
As the carousel gains speed

As little girls and boys sit tall 
Upon their wooden steed

The days of old will always be
The pride of Keansburg's past
The golden days of carousel
Into my heart are cast 

photo source

by Floyd Albert
If I weren't so frenzied and frantic,
So foolish and fol-de-rol,
photo source
I'd give up this dizzying antic,
I'd get off this carousel.

But the circle is stronger than I am,
And my head is all in a whirl.
I cling to the dashing pink horses,
My vision wound up like a curl.

I will ride while the music is playing
And the bell goes on Ding, Dong, Ding.


Oh, I'll never get down from this merry-go-round
'Til I've captured the last brass ring.
When I've captured the last brass ring, boys,
And silenced the last brass bell,
Then I'll drop from my horse like pink applesauce
And be done with this carousel.

The Replacements photo source click on link to see their video Merry Go Round by The Replacements


Merry Go Round Lyrics

Artist: The Replacements
Hush was the first word you were taught
and they watched you wear

the clothes they claimed that they bought
they brought you down

to watch the merry-go around

In fall, you knew how much it cost
a trouble doll
around your neck when you lost
you wouldn't make a sound

photo source

but I could hear your little heart pound
and I watched your feet slip off the ground
image source
Merry go round in dreams
writes 'em down, it seems
photo source
when she sleeps, she's free
merry go round in dreams
photo source

You wake to another day and find
the wind's blowing out of key with your sky
carousel guitars photo source
only you can see
and the rain dancing in the night
chanel fall winter 2008
everybody stands around in delight
chanel fall winter 2008 source
Merry go round in dreams
writes 'em down, it seems

chanel fall winter 2008 source
when she sleeps, she's free
merry go round in dreams

chanel fall winter 2008 source

and everybody thinks she's sick
she's got two worlds she can pick


and she's sad
Hush is the only word you know
and I stopped listening long ago
photo source

they ignored me with a smile
you as a child
but the trouble doll hears your heart pound
and your feet they say goodbye to the ground
Merry go round in me
Empty carousel
Even my kids
Aren't kids any more
by Paul David Mena

 click on blue link to see their video on a carousel the hollies
To see an old post of my mom and me on the carousel in 2009 click here.


  1. AMAZING collection of images here!

    I am in absolute awe of the circus, and especially carousels. I was even going to hire a carousel for my 21st circus themed birthday... but I left it too late as usual.

  2. Remember when your mom made you a carousel birthday cake.


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