Monday, July 21, 2008

Your Heart Has Space

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Ever since 9th grade, I could never decide or choose one best friend. It's why I didn't do the whole wedding line thing. I didn't want to pick one to be maid of honor or brides maids bull etc. I have several best friends. Maybe one is my best friend for fashion or art or politics or music or work or my best friend to laugh with or be silly with or cry with or share my dreams or soul or whatever it is we decide. It could be one or some, constant, or varying degrees of intensity throughout different moments. Why can’t we all be best friends? That’s what I want to know.
All my family, you know who you are this is for you too.

Your heart has space and pieces for everyone you want to let in. Not just a certain amount of people that give back to you. Yes it takes a lot to give so much away, but I’m not gonna stop. Think of all the people that pass in and out of your life, and you never see them or know what happened to them. All you have to do is hear a song or see a color or smell some perfume, and it really does make you smile or laugh.

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