Thursday, July 31, 2008


Our air conditioning stopped working Tues. night. I was belly aching and complaining feeling miserable.

Then I started talking to someone. He asked me the current temperature inside my house. I told him 95 degrees. He told me how last week he was outside working in 103 degree heat. He told me that everyday he works, all day with the sun beating down on him, and he uses a fire torch. He told me that he has to wear leather so he won’t get sun burnt. I had no idea.

Today the AC repairman finally came to fix the problem. I told him it’s too hot! I don’t feel like doing anything. He said he doesn’t have that choice cause he works outside in it all the time.
How long did I suffer? Two days? Some of that time spent in an air conditioned car and buildings running errands. Last night we went out to eat because it was too hot to cook.

So now I sit in my air conditioned home, fully knowing how spoiled I really am.

Nothing like a little perspective from a 19 yr old man, I’ve known since he was a baby.


  1. The leather is actually to keep the sparks from the torch and the metal from burning him. But it can get up to 120 degrees in the area where he is working with the torch and the leather on.. But isn't he cute my boy. and he is good at giving prespective.. Love ya girl glad you got the ac fixed..

  2. Ouch, and I thought it was hot here. we do not have central air, but luckily we have 2 window units to help cool us off.

  3. Nice looking boy (from baby and up). I remember him! Just to let you know, Uncle Bill had his appendix burst and is now in the hospital. Don't worry he is doing fine, but he has to lay in that bed for 1 week. He is definately grouchy, he doesn't like all the tubes and the inactivity. But the doc says he will be fine. No pepsi, or coffee, or cigarettes (Yeah!), so he will of course be even grouchier. HA HA. Can't live without my AC, I would melt away.


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