Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hostel or hostile?

We were parking the car to go to the art museum, in Austin. I heard and saw a blind man calling, "Can someone tell me where I am? What street I'm on?" I asked John to call out the address, and I watch as he walks across the street. Then I see him take the man's cane and walk with him to our car. What the...? John opens my door and tells me we are going to give this man a quick ride. We're what? We don't know him. I get into the backseat. He says I hope I'm not too sweaty (he is, oh, I wish I had some Febreze). He tells John exactly where to go and explains how he's waiting for disability, and needs $8.00 for the hostel. We drop him off empty handed at the bus stop.

Am I a bad person that it scared me? I kept thinking that blind man was a stranger. He could have been crazy? or a drug addict? or have a knife? or a gun? and John let him into our car. I asked John how he decided to help him. He said he could tell he was blind. Did you notice though that he knew exactly where he was based on the directions he gave us in the car? So was it a scam for money? I don't know, but we didn't get hurt, and maybe he didn't have to walk as far.

You never really know whether you are helping someone out or not do you? Even though I wouldn't have done it, I'm glad to know my husband is kind hearted enough to try and help a blind man.

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