Monday, July 14, 2008

At Emo's

We did not see fireworks on the 4th cause we went to Emo's in Austin, instead. Plus, I've seen fireworks before, we moved to see something new, ya know? So first band was Austin's Consider the Source as seen above. Then El Bronx, we wanted to see The Bronx, but apparently El Bronx is their alter-ego or something that we didn't know existed. They dress up in mariachi and actually do a set of that style of music, um, I Want to Rock! (who knows that reference?)
They claimed to have a new cd of that stuff they were promoting, but we're like, huh? We did not come to see mariachi, but some people were drunk enough that they didn't care and were dancing anyway.

Then came the band, my favorite of the night. Another Austin band, called The Urgencies. And rock they did, so happy that a chick is playing bass. I was in the front row trying to watch the guitarist fingers as he played like a rock star!

Finally The Bronx came on after 1 AM. I can't remember how late, all I know is I got tired. There were sweaty, stinky, men moshing in my face and I was already, as J called me his "bruised peach" from the idiot singer Story of The Year at Warped the day before. He made us all run in direction of the Paramore stage, and guess who got bruised? No, I did not go see Paramore. Does Metallica? (was it late 80's or early 90's ring a bell?) In Delta Center they had to stop GA and make everyone have seats. Cause people died from being trampled. I thought the concert world would stop without GA, cause I liked fighting my way to the front row. Yeah, I was kinda dumb, when I was younger. So we left before The Bronx set was over. Still went to bed after 3 AM. The whole Austin club scene felt empty to me. Like all people cared about was getting loaded and hitting on each other. All my friends had to drag me to clubs when we were teens, and now I remember why. All I wanted was to dance and hear music, so nope haven't changed much.

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