Thursday, July 10, 2008

Juice or water?

Decided to go to Austin for the 4th of July weekend. Quick and easy drive on the freeway only took about 3 hours. Did I love it there like everyone said I would? No. It was only okay. Am I going again? Definitely when the SXSW musical festival is there. So many people in Utah and Texas had said that Austin was probably the place I would most want to live. Guess what? Other people can be wrong.
Let's say there was juice and water. The juice was red like blood, Kool Aid, punch, and staining. What do I want? Do I want juice or water? Or do I want something else? Who says I have to drink out of what's in front of me. I don't like plastic disposable paper cups. Maybe I want a ceramic mug. Maybe I want a colored glass or a crystal goblet. Maybe I don’t want or need what’s here. Maybe I need to leave and go shopping for myself.

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