Monday, July 21, 2008

Making Your Mark

Someone asked me “why do they think it’s ok to destroy and damage things? like school buses and now little kids can’t ride in them!”
and I say
Because I think it shows how young they are. They aren’t thinking of that. They are thinking of doing something sort of dangerous or expressing themselves creatively or trying to make their mark. They just need to learn or figure out find out to make their mark in a different way.

“If humans could only listen to each other-listen without prejudice or intolerance-listen with open minds and compassionate hearts- the connections could be something so splendid, so powerful, so perfect-

“It begins with one,” the woman murmured. And from that one, others. Now you begin to understand…”
-from Spellbinder by Melanie Rawn

“Sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the earth. They are a little like aliens coming into being as bundles of energy and pure potential. Here on some exploratory mission, and they are just trying to learn what It means to be human.” from the movie Martian Child

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