Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Radio Stations

Just finished rereading Blessed Are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch.
And in case some of you didn't see these on myspace. Here are some photos of my art/music room.

Warning: If you don't want to hear about music skip this post.
Was getting so sick of my rotating Dallas/Fort Worth 102.1 the Edge
Utah X96, & San Francisco Live 105 playing the same old. Like how does that happen? Someone at J’s work mentioned KEGL 97.1 the Eagle (check out online) they play a mix which I am love, loving. Classic Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Floyd, with Perfect Circle, Tool, Pantera, Rage, Kid Rock, Korn, new Avenged, Disturbed, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace… They even play hair metal like Gn’R, Kiss, Tesla, Halen, Skid Row, (no one is allowed to make fun of my 9th grade crush on Sebastian Bach) and Jackal? Remember when my friend bought me that tape (Jackal). What were we thinking? It had like… 2 good songs. What garbage! Still hadn’t heard it in ages.

People are super nice here. Went to get car emissions and inspection done yesterday. Spent 45 min to an hour talking to man (who was waiting too). He told me (just like everyone else) that I have to go to Austin. He said, “you play an instrument don’t you?”
He said, “I could just tell. What do you play?”
“I try to play the guitar.”
“Welcome to Texas.”
“Thank you.” “So do they have any music stores around here?” I ask 1st guy (who works there). He tells me a place, maybe I can take lessons? (yes!)
Then when car is done, I notice the music. I said to 2nd guy (who works there).
“Are you guys listening to my radio station the Eagle? Where else can you hear old Megadeath with new Linkin Park?”
He said, “and Godsmack.”
“So you guys going to Warped Tour?”
1st guy “No, but I want to…” “Hey, my favorite music store is Guitar Center. Cause I play.” “What?”
“Oh, they have one of those in UT.”
“Well it’s my favorite.”
“ok c-ya.”

Tomorrow is Warped Tour. I Am so Glad they Know how to Rock Here! Thank You!

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