Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cheapo music store

We saw Cheapo Music Store in Austin,
and of course we had to stop. 

I wished for it to be like Amoeba in San Franciscobut nope. It was much smaller
 & no posters, but they did have some old vinyls.

"Lionel asks you don't reach over counter!!
Take all listened CD back to register."

"Please NO singing."
Anyone remember We Are the World?
Captain KangarooStrawberry Shortcake?
I really wanted this Raggedy Ann and Andy,
but it was silly. So I didn't get it.

Saw interesting artwork, and funny t shirts.
Records must be trendy now cause they had the new Weezer (red album) in vinyl.

We did pick up The Urgencies,
 (they had a huge local selection). 

Thought I owned all The Replacements albums,
but found one I didn't. It was called
 The Replacements:Stink! (which I had to get too).

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