Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Closet

“Some people were born to push the envelope of fashion and some to lick it.” Duff, Mtv VJ

In Sex In the City the movie. She tells Mr. Big something like
“I don’t want a ring. Just build me a closet for my clothes.” Yes!
Enjoy having a walk in closet where I can see all my shoes, tall boots, hats, and my clothing. Still need to work on the belt situation.

Now I just need somewhere to wear them. Oh, what am I gonna do with all my coats and scarves without Winter?

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” Jean Cocteau

Finally untangled my necklaces and hung them. They were such a mess! (Please don’t think we are keeping our bedroom wall this color). We’re stuck with what John call ‘The Bat Cave’ until we decide.

“What care I how chic it be, if it not be the best for me?”
B. Altman & Co. ad

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” Oscar Wilde

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  1. I love your closet, it's very organized Teddi! I want the boots! ;)


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