Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Guitar Guys

Whoever said when the student is ready the teacher will appear has not been looking for a guitar teacher in Texas. Spent all Saturday driving around looking for music shops of addresses to find nothing. Many Craig’s list emails and phone calls later. It took me 5 days to find a teacher. I start Monday. The guy has big shoes to fill. He knows how to rock, and he makes me laugh which gives him many bonus points.
What I learned from The Guitar Guys was more than just how to read music, chords, and being introduced to new bands. I learned about being kind, open-hearted, brave, and taking risks.

There are things that look simple, but take hard work and dedication. There are also things that appear difficult, but they are really easy once you try them. It’s nice to laugh at yourself, and find the lighter side of life. What I learned most of all is that my sudden, harsh judgments are overly critical and mostly wrong.

I discovered that most people won’t even try to listen. They’ll shut their ears. They won’t acknowledge it’s existence. There are some people who won’t feel what they’re hearing. It won’t touch their soul, or they just don’t get it.

There were times, when I wasn’t ready, or I didn’t understand everything you tried to say. Many times I misunderstood, and sometimes I only heard pieces. Just letting you know that I was listening the whole time. Well I was trying to listen, anyway, so thanks. I know I still have a lot of living to do.

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