Monday, July 14, 2008

Coral Confection of Doom

We decided to paint the spare room. This is the room where people will stay, when they visit. I don’t want it to be offensive. I thought I was careful. I took my time deciding. We bought two gallons. I envisioned the soft Florida beach with my Coral Confection. We painted the trim. l I hated it. It made me want to hurl. It was a bad 80’s movie set or Malibu Barbie Beach house. I left the room. I came back 15 min later. It was horrible. Anyone familiar with the processed cheese that comes out of a squirt can? It was disgusting. I guess it was a good thing we only painted one wall. I thought I wanted something safe.
John said “Why do you want to be safe?” So we stopped being safe. We went bold. We went dark, and I love it. This is the color that reminds me of Florida. It’s called Tropical Waters. The extra bathroom also got painted. It’s dark purple.
Can you say Prince and Purple Rain? No, it’s the one horned, one eyed, flying purple people eater. But seriously we really like it.My art teacher Annette told me to not be afraid of the dark. She also taught me that it’s never to late to start. With Annette nothing was wrong or bad, it could just be better, and it was. Annette, I don’t know where you are, I forgot to ask for your address or email, but I did remember to get your photo.
You know, you were right.

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