Saturday, May 7, 2011

you greek?

It was the day before Easter Sunday.
My guy took us to this little cafe.

The outside of Maggie's Pizza & Deli.

As soon as I looked around, and sat down, I knew. They're Greek, aren't they?

Here's the inside of the deli shop.

One of the guys made the sign of the cross while he folded pizza boxes.

I whispered to my guy, I bet they have baklava.

photo source
The owner brought J's homemade cream of mushroom to the table. J asked what the desserts of the day were.

Owner:"We have raspberry cheesecake, rice pudding, and coconut cake. Normally we have baklava, but we ran out. My wife is at home making some more." 
 photo source

"She used to make it here, but now, she does it
 at home." 

Me: "My mom made homemade baklava when I
was a little girl. It seemed hard to do."

Owner: "Her baklava is very good."

Me: "Yes."

photo source

J and I both ate Greek Pizza and Phyllo Spinach Pie. The crust of the pizza reminded my of homemade pita bread.

photo source
The owner thanked each customer as they left,
and wished them a "Happy Easter."

This is a little chocolate mint treat that came
with our food.
It was like a mini version of a  York Peppermint Pattie.

photo source

I walked up to the owner and said,

"My grandpa came from Cyprus, Greece."

photo source

 "You Greek, eh?" 
 Me:  "A little bit."

photo source

In the car I thought about Easter's when I was small. My mom would make leg of lamb.
That I don't miss.
Greek Easter Bread photo source
She still makes Greek Easter Bread.
Except unlike this photo, hers doesn't have
sesame seeds on top.

Every year I'm not there, that's something I miss.


  1. I really truly love you :)
    Your comments always make me happy.
    Thanks for being my blogger friend.

  2. Great post, though it made me hungry ;)


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