Monday, May 16, 2011

like a liar

The title references a song.

From a local band we saw the other night.

This is Quaker City Nighthawks.
 You can't see that the drummer was wearing a shirt that looked like the Texas flag, but he was.

Obviously NOT the drummer. I just wanted to confuse you, so you would know how I feel most  of the time.

The Orbans is the band below, who headlined. I've mentioned them before. In my Sept. 2010 post loving the orbans.

Being the complete techno ditz I am, I handed the camera to my guy.

I didn't like how dark my pictures looked, 

so they're the ones that probably got deleted.

Well it was dark outside.

As you can see below, this guy is wearing a Texas Rangers baseball hat. Remember my Ranger blog post in 2008?

One of my favorite things to watch,

besides people, and their dogs,

  is little kids dancing with their faces painted, and jumping around having a good time.

Sorry no photos. You're just gonna have to imagine that. 

Who else likes outdoor concerts, in the spring, before it gets too hot to function?


  1. I love seeing live music, especially when its a band I love...looks like you had fun even if the pics came out darker than you intended; at least you had a good time that's all that matters :)

  2. That looks like suchhh a fun time!

    I love outdoor concerts... but only in the summer around these parts! Spring is still freezing (it was like 4○C here tonight).

  3. we have a few concerts coming up soon. we dont get much music traffic up here on top of a mountain, and it's mostly only in summer... (it snowed here yesterday) but yeah. nothing i dont love about a live outdoor show. glad you had fun!


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