Thursday, May 19, 2011

after the rain

He went outside. 

He took pictures of the lavender & pink sky, as the sun started to shine again.


This music video below is from 1990.
I call it hair metal band video cliche (oh yay).

People said the Nelson brothers were boys that looked like girls.

To see what they look like now check out their cruise ship video and casino video.

They're still playing that same song.

I'm not judging. Especially if they're making money doing what they love. Not many people can say that.

No, I never purchased one of their albums.

I suddenly wonder if  there was even more than one?

Not that I'd purchase that either.  ;)

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  1. hahahaah My sister purchased Nelson's album, I just purchased a folder with them on it when I was in 6th grade. I had a thing for Matthew and Gunner-not gonna lie. Now this necklace of mine-its a silver metal piece in the shape of a guitar tab and it says,'minx' on it. It's not a clear this is why I called it "a guitar tab necklace"; so its not a real guitar tab that I found on the playground during recess, no no-I'm not that cool. (Although the guitarist of Warrant gave me his guitar tab on my last night at Heavy Metal Kareaokee in Cleveland...does that count for anything? He probably only gave it to me because I baked him cookies--such a brownnoser; I know.)


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