Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whitesnake concert


There's horny, old David Coverdale using his mike stand as a phallic symbol.

The band was great!

Love Aint No Stranger live video from 2011.

Looks like Dave's at it again.

He must really like that stage antic.

Let me just watch 
Doug Aldrich  play, okay?

Doug is playing a different Les Paul.

Love Will Set You Free video from 2011 Whitesnake album.

They had to cut the set short because it started pouring rain, and there was lots of lightening.

Hey, at least they ended the show with Still of the Night.


  1. Dudee, you see a sick amount of concerts (or at least it seems like you do)! Mad jealous, nothing better than live music. ♥

  2. oh man, whitesnake!

    your comment made my day--I love any chance to read some spanish!


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