Monday, May 2, 2011

let me eat cake

We all know that I may have a slight sugar addiction.

This is called Nothing Bundt Cakes.

On Thursday, I got the box of bundtinis, or cupcakes, as I call them.

  I gave away the carrot and chocolate chocolate chip to friends.

 So far, I've ate the marble, cinnamon swirl, & praline pecan.  My guy ate the lemon & red velvet.

   The other assorted flavors are white white chocolate, and white chocolate raspberry.

They all come with cream cheese icing.
This is called a bundtlet.


  My guy's sampled his share of this. I haven't. As soon as I do eat it, I'm sure the bundtlet will go straight to my buns (gah).

 In all fairness though, we haven't polished them off, yet. But, believe me, it'll happen.


  1. I got an instant sugar craving after this post. I think I'm going to look in the kitchen if we have something sugar-y and sweet!

  2. Wow, they look fabulous!! And cream cheese icing? My favourite!! :jealous:

    S x


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