Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hoarders anonymous

Last week my friend 
Charity shared 10 Random facts  about herself. She encouraged me to do the same. I decided to share some of my collections.

My acrylic paint is sorted by color. Neutral colors, that I can mix for various skin tones are on the opposite side of the rotating stand my friend gave me.
Most of these markers my friend gave me for watching Little T.

Some of my bracelet collection,I normally keep stored in a small jewelry box.That another friend made for me.

More bracelets in a different jewelry box made by my friend.

Bottom drawer of large jewelry box.

Earrings sorted by color in the middle drawer of my large jewelry box.

Top of large jewelry box containing neutral shades of necklaces, bracelets. Notice the two small jewelry boxes I failed to show all my teeny tiny earrings inside them.

Necklace collection that you've seen before.

Angle 1 of various art books, fashion, and art/crafting magazines.

Angle 2 of my collection. I have more stacked beside my bed, and in another room.

Here's my paintbrush collection.

My acrylic tube paint collection.

 I think you've seen my nail polish collection before, but I've added and subtracted since then.

My nail polish neutrals.

Close up of peaches and light colors.
Here's the oranges, reds, and pinks.

I love my purples.

I'm a sucker for blues.

Half of my collection all together.

Nearly the other half of my collection, but I'm missing the whole picture.

Hair accessories collection box 1

Hair accessories collection box 2

Some of my journaling pen collection.

Some of my fibers and ribbon sorted by color.

More fibers and ribbon sorted by color.

Not all are shown here, I must have deleted those photographs.

Prisma color pencils, fabric paints, and paint pens.

I have a thing for pens.

More crayolas and watercolor pencils.

Permanent marker pens

I really like pens.

Pens are sorted by color bundles.

Watercolor crayon collection 1

Watercolor crayon collection 2

A mixture of different mediums.

Spray inks collection that you've also seen before. :P
Portfolio water soluble pastels and more watercolor pencils.

Thread collection

Embroidery floss collection that I borrowed from my mother, and never gave back.

Neutral buttons

More buttons sorted by color

Still more buttons

Color sorted brads, odds and ends...

Colored wire & other miscellaneous stuff...

Eyelets are divided and sorted by color

My oil pastel collection. I have more, but they were under some papers or something.

Do you think it's possible that I might have a  hoarding problem?

What collections of things do you keep?


  1. Thanks, Teddi! And someone is quite the artist :-)

  2. Oooh, thanks for sharing your collections with us - I would love to have all those art materials!!

    I have a bit of a thing for bed linen and have about eight sets - I could have more but I only like 100% cotton and that's expensive for a king size bed.

    I have loads of hair clips too, my drawer is nearly full after the last purchases, but I am always losing them so they are kind of a consumable. I had a thing for nail polish too and have lots.

    I've recently started collecting vintage china.

    Oooh, and Trollbeads - hmmmm I think I might photograph them for my next post.....

    I'm a hoarder too!!

    S x

  3. i think i would have fun rummaging through your things :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS. You were right, definitely similar, but your post blew mine out of the water. WOW.

  5. Can I come and play in your stuff? I promise I'll keep my kleptomaniac tendencies under control. Really.

  6. But it looks like it's a very organized hoarding stash!

  7. I posted a link to this post on my blog here:

    Hope you check it out!!

  8. Omg Teddi! Hahahaha I never saw this one. This is way way way too funny! I <3 you. You're the bestest. Insanely amazing collections!

  9. wowww!!!! so many collections!!!! amazing!! love all of them!! jewelery, nail polish (L), etc... really really in love!!! i've felt in love!!! i could be your home hours and hours seeing them!!


  10. Wow, so many collections, love it!!
    I wish I had an art book collection!
    And love that you arrange everything into colours! So cool!
    Can't believe how much jewellery you have too, wowwww!!

    xx She may be the Song that Summer Sings


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