Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pottery take 1

My guy and I took a class at the Firehouse Gallery

While we were there we saw the Tartan Art Show, and other art work on display.

I bet you can't guess who need extra help on the pottery wheel? It wasn't my guy.

 These bowls are by my guy. I had two very messed up pieces of clay pots gone awry. That ended up as clay lumps. I had two semi-we'll see if they hold up as functional, whatevers. Notice no photos of that?

This is Keith Thomson, pottery instructor and artist. He's originally from Scotland. He told me that when he started college he went for drawing and painting. But once he got on the wheel that was it. He had found his medium.

I guess you could call that a self portrait of my guy's sandals. Hey, at least he wasn't wearing socks with them!

I distinctly remember telling him to get pix of the pots, but none of me. You can see how well he listened to that.


  1. how fun! beautiful stuff! we've done a paint your own dish outing and lovvved it. i bet we would get a kick out of this! <3

  2. I have always wanted to take lessons but can never find a pottery looks like great fun xxx

  3. I've always wanted to have a go at pottery!!

    Why do they never listen when you say "Get a pic of X but not of me"?!!

    S x

  4. How fun! Your guy's bowls look great. Sorry you didn't think yours turned out as well, but at least it was fun, right? I'm not sure I could get Robbie to do that with me, but it looks like such a fun time.


  5. That is so cool! I used a pottery wheel when I was like... seven. I have always wanted to try again!!!

    Your man rocked that pot making! I have a feeling mine would go a little towards the disaster side as well... ha. ♥

  6. there i so many beautiful stuff in tis post !i have always wanted to try out this myself!!'

  7. no they came out good! there is only so much you can do with what you got you know in a gallery setting. but the ones while you made the pottery were great! i love that you showed a little bit of the process.


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