Sunday, May 29, 2011

just cavalli spring 2011

I was in 7th grade, when my mom & cousin told me I couldn't wear hot pink & bright yellow, because it clashed.

I wanted to know what clashed or clashes meant. 

I didn't understand why I couldn't wear the two colors together.

 I changed my outfit. They basically told me, I couldn't walk out of the house dressed like that.
 I was in 9th grade when I started really loving The Beatles.

 They weren't exactly music I grew up listening to.
I had to check out their albums from the library.
I would study their covers and lyrics.
I tried to make copies that ended up not being very good, but I listened to them anyway. 
When we studied the 60's in history class, I felt like I was born in the wrong generation.
 My peers thought I was nuts.
 My family thought I was a little whack too.
 Especially when I became a vegetarian.
 My brother and I, unknowingly, were both hippies on Halloween, the same year.
 I lived with my mom, he lived with my dad.
 I would cover my color t-shirts and jeans in rubber bands and dip them in bleach to look tie dyed.
 My friend bought me a poster that said, "Peace back by popular demand."
 I hung it over my bed.
 I wish I still had that poster.
 I don't know where it went.
 My other friend and I, took our debate team t-shirts and tie dyed them at her house.
 We used old plastic ice cream buckets to hold the colored dye.

 We made a mess by spilling and staining the dye all over her parents' driveway.
 I don't think her parents were too happy with us.
 Another friend and I always signed all our high school notes, cards, and stuff with peace and love.
 We wore our peace necklaces. I wore my peace earrings. The one I didn't lose, I still wear.
 She drew me a teddy bear wearing a peace necklace.

 Years ago my friend had to go to a specialty smoke shop to buy me a peace necklace and earrings as gifts.

She couldn't find them anywhere else.

 I think I was 14, when I first started shopping for my clothes, at Salvation Army.
 Nobody I knew did that either.
 When I was 7 or 8 years old, my great grandmother gave me a necklace with a brown stone hanging from the chain.

I still wear it. 
 When my great grandma had a yard sale, I bought her black velvet belt. It was embroidered with colored flowers, and had a gold buckle.
 She couldn't believe I wanted that old thing.
 I loved that belt. I wonder who is wearing it now.
 Did it get forever lost, or buried in the trash?
I wanted a large brimmed brown or black hat about 6 years ago, for Christmas.
 I didn't get it. My mom couldn't find them for sale anywhere.
Is it me or does it seem that the things I liked all along, are now popular? 


  1. I SO enjoyed that post!! Thank you so much for little bit of nostalgia and joy!

  2. Yes, that era did make the best fashion statements. I continue to love vintage. Thanks for a most delightful post. I've now scanned your pictures twice...working on the third go-round!


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