Thursday, May 26, 2011

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This is Alejandra Britto
Her art was my guy's favorite.
Alejandra's art is very dimensional and affordable.

I can envision her pieces hanging on the wall, in my house.

 This is work by William Hall. The portrait above was done with gouache paintWhen William first started using acrylics he thought they were supposed to be opaque.

 He was surprised that it depended on what type of paint he used which determined the translucency. I thought we had a photo of him too, but I guess not.

This is Efrain Gutierrez. His sculpture is all found metal. Made from pieces at the junkyard, he welds & forms it into amazing treasures. 

Efrain was burned out from creating art for a few years. His personal quote is "As the Spirit moves.."

I want to explain that Efrain told me he used his hands as models, even copying the lines on his palms, for the sculpture. 

Why did my guy get a stupid shot of me looking at the chain, but not a close up of the sculpted hands? 
 I know I should probably steal the camera. It's hard to talk with people in a comfortable way, if I'm snapping photographs at the same time. 

 Efrain just started doing art again.That's why he doesn't have any recent websites, links or anything.
I want to point out the base of this piece. The photo doesn't show the bottom of the piece which connects Texas with Mexico. 

I noticed that Efrain often adds little personal truths within his art, that may not be obvious unless he shared them with you.
 His logo is an EF in a cloud of rain with lightening bolts. A play off of his name. 
 Many of his pieces are spiritual. I must've had the camera here cause there is my guy's sandal.

 I said I have a family member who is a Gutierrez. He said, "Maybe they're in my family too."

This is Joseph Lambert.

Joseph asked me if I liked John Lennon?  Well he's only my favorite Beatle.Which only happens to be my favorite band of all time.

 I think of Joseph's style as Pop art with a sense of humor. 

Why don't I know her name? I remember that she paints with acrylics.

This is Dalhi Guzman. He has only been in Texas a few years. He is going to film school in Vancouver, this fall.

This was his sea creature creation.

He told me this was about youth and age. The spoon is the connection. How with age the face changes from all the images, influences, and years of life.

His peace sign.

We didn't see the artist anywhere, but my guy thought it was appropriate that the song 
 Michael Jackson's Thriller was blaring from the speakers through the air.

This is Wendy Wright Lunsford. She told me the stories behind some of her pieces, none of which we have photos of.

 I've always wanted stained glass in my home, so that as the sun shone through I could see prisms of colored light on my walls like Wendy often creates things for special events or as gifts. 
 For the ones that weren't there in front of me she showed and told me their stories by using her iPad.
I don't know who created this series, but I can say whomever used acrylic paints & collaged layers of old candy wrappers.

Do y'all recognize Dolly Parton?

These are obviously stencils spray painted over the top.

I spotted her art from a distance. It has such a child-like quality to it.

 I wish I could tell you her name, but I can't find it on the make shift business card she gave me.
She told me her 12 yr. old daughter creates her own cards too. When I asked her why her stuff wasn't here for sale, she said, "I don't know."

That's me getting Denise D. Cooper  to show me the inside of her sketchbooks. She did, but apparently my guy didn't get any photos of that. It was like a peek into her mega-size art journal. She was telling me about her how she blends her oil pastels with oil, and the art parties where she sells her work.

 She said I could see more of her stuff on facebook, but I can't find her art page. She told me she hates wasting time on the computer, when she can be drawing or painting. I understand that. However, artists' please update your blogs and websites so that if we want to buy your art, or refer it to someone, we can find you easily, and see your stuff.
This was on the hood of somebody's car, & I thought it was funny.

This is some band, playing some song. I don't remember the name of either.

 This is some guy juggling sticks in the air.

The lameness of these photos, does nothing to capture the coolness, of what he was actually doing.


  1. woah, lots of awesome art! You always have creative stuff posted on your blog, do you go to a lot of art festivals/fairs? By the way...whip out a book on the human skeleton already lady! You asked me what the heck a clavicle is...its your collarbone, silly! It's my favorite part of the body, I love when it juts out...the more bony the better I like it! yeah I'm kinda sick like that.

  2. How fun! I love the stuff by Alejandra Britto - so detailed. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Your posts are always so photo heavy and bursting with colour! I seriously love it! I love the work from the first artist too. Thanks for sharing lovely x


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