Saturday, May 28, 2011

little river band

The roadies were setting up.

I'm guessing my guy wanted a shot of
the Wildflower Festival banner?

The current members of

Little River Band

Click on blue to see Man on Your Mind video with current band line up.

Here's a Take It Easy On Me video from 1983.

Trying to show his white guitar in this photo.

What I love about this Fender is the silver pickguard & headstock.

Another shot of a different guitar.

Yes old men can still move.

This Cool Change video has really great dolphin shots.

Here's a American Bandstand Interview from 1976.

How about a Lonesome Loser video from 1983? 

 Can't believe the dude is playing a keytar!

I d
idn't know they still made those things.

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